Streaming: Ruins – ‘Place of No Pity’

Ruins_PlaceWe at Worm Gear proudly present our very first stream on the webzine, courtesy of the band Ruins and their label, Listenable Records (‘Place of No Pity’ drops today in the US).  We are fans of this album, and suspect you will be too after pressing play. Enjoy!


RUINS began sometime throughout 2002 and hail from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. They blend ominous dark-death metal dynamics; powerful, menacing, melancholic, yet eerily seductive black metal styles; diverse and intense rhythmic structures; and both venomous and summoning vocal presence.

The writing/recording nucleus of RUINS consists of guitarist/vocalist Alex Pope, formerly of the post-punk noise-rockers SEA SCOUTS, and drummer Dave Haley, currently also drumming with PSYCROPTIC, PESTILENCE, and BLOOD DUSTER. Both have also recorded and performed with THE AMENTA, and various other groups and projects over the last decade.
Following the first mcd “Atom and Time” they entered the studio and recorded their debut album “Spun Forth as Dark Nets”, and hit the road supporting SATYRICON.

In June 2007 RUINS were honored to open for Switzerland’s legendary CELTIC FROST, on their first ever Australian tour. They then finish their second album titled “Cauldron”. Cover art was painted by Rev. Kriss Hades of SADISTIK EXEKUTION infamy. In March 2008 RUINS toured nationally with Norway’s Black Metal Pioneers – IMMORTAL and right after support PIG DESTROYER. 2008 was brought to a close completing the third album “Front the Final Foes” with more new artwork from Rev. Kriss Hades. In June 2009 saw RUINS embark on a national tour alongside PSYCROPTIC and THE AMENTA, playing 12 shows around Australia to promote the release. Late in 2009 RUINS played alongside U.S. band BLACK COBRA as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

In January 2011 they played as part of the opening of MONA, the ‘Museum of Old and New Art’ at the Moorilla Estate in Tasmania. This exemplified and solidified their status among the artistic community in their home state.

RUINS then began recording their fourth full-length album. They took a break from the production process in April 2011 to tour nationally with THE AMENTA, and again in January 2012 for another national tour with U.S. icons ABSU. The album titled, “Place of No Pity,” was unveiled to the Australian public in July 2012 with a national tour alongside GOATWHORE from the U.S., and IMPIETY from Singapore.

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9 Responses to “Streaming: Ruins – ‘Place of No Pity’”

  1. Hell yeah, this one’s great! I’m surprised it hasn’t been out across the pond yet?? Here it came out last year! Anyway, enjoy!

  2. This is indeed really good! I never heard of this record. Wow, one year ago! Shit. I am buying this one.

  3. I don’t see where Listenable Records is offering this album in the US, in fact, I did a search on their online shop and it doesn’t even come up. Hopefully there will be a vinyl release.

  4. I’m not sure what’s going on there, but you’re right. The press release we received stated it would be today; we’ll let you all know when we hear more.

  5. Released in the US today I believe. I’m not sure as I’ve been holed up in a hospital for a while, away from reality. Well…. at least our own metalized sense of “reality” that is 😉

  6. CDs, at least, are available on Amazon:

  7. I saw the Amazon link. I think listenable right now is a bit chaotic due to reconstruction of their site, maybe?? Great album to stream. I just finished listening to the entire album.

  8. The album is out today in North America via Listenable Records/ E1 distribution. Listenable’s site is indeed a mess right now due to reconstruction, but the Amazon link above will work and it’s also available in iTunes ( Vinyl and CD copies are floating around there too. Email to contact the label directly about it.

  9. Thanks Ryan. I just sent them an email requesting a vinyl copy.

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