With Burning Contempt – Red Visions (demo)

WBC_Red (200x200)Nothing like friends that know you well. Our WG curator, for example, knows I am a sucker for Celtic Frost sycophants of any kind, so after spinning ‘With Burning Contempt”s demo Red Visions, he wisely handed this 2013 time-capsule over to me. And it crushes, basking in its decidedly First Wave, ‘Frost-worshipping glory. In what surely must be the result of spinning CF’s Morbid Tales LP until the stylus slices through it, then belching along with Cronos while playing warped Venom 7”s, ‘With Burning Contempt has concocted a frills-free thrasher with the low-end roar of ‘Dethroned Emperor’-style riffing, sidled with the bucolic snarl of the aforementioned UK Satanic-pranksters in their more aggressive moments. Indeed, early Black and Death Metal are – proudly – the only ingredients in effect here, nothing more, most certainly nothing less, and yet, Red Visions succeeds. Proclaiming “Cough, cough … we are old” in the disc’s accompanying promo letter clues one in on ‘With Burning Contempt”s belief that even today, with sub-sub-post-genres, symphonic this, tech that, et al, the only weapons you’ll really ever need to lay waste to weak eardrums are a few screams, a well-played d-Beat, and a downtuned, nastily distorted guitar. WBC remind us that while innovation is great, constant overcompensating can distract from Extreme Metal’s intent. Thus, Red Visions poses this question: if we are fated to claw our way back to our roots anyway, why not take up permanent residence there? -Jim


~ by cliftonium on March 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “With Burning Contempt – Red Visions (demo)”

  1. This has a tinge of an Gothenburg guit sound mixed with the funk of early Frost. Hellz yeah bitches!

  2. bought this CD. definitely guys that need to be supported!

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