Zombiefication – At the Caves of Eternal

Zombie_A (200x200)Ah, OSDM, will ever I tire of thee? Not right now; not as long as worm-ridden filth like At the Caves of the Eternal continues to cross my path. From the first few firefly-like notes of the title track’s acoustic intro, you know a unusual treat has been set before you. Zombiefication lovingly incorporate the mid-tempos and bark of the Swedeath masters, but beneath their gum-bared smiles lies something all the more foul. Guitar tones are purposely cooled, drums are simply, yet convincingly programmed, melody lines are thinned, yet remain sharp, and the resulting effect is compelling. But just as I began erroneously anticipate where I thought where this Mexican duo were heading, the undead bastard that is the Zombiefication curb-stomp took an inevitable bite of my brain, in the glorious form of a Celtic Frost infusion. The unflinchingly Swiss-watch accurate, yet memorable drumming of Reed St. Mark and Berlin Wall-thick riff biceps of Tom G. Warrior helped make To Mega Therion an enduring high point of their canon, and Zombiefication have studied fervently its, ‘oo’s, ‘aah’s, power-tempo changes, tom-work, and spine-snapping intensity with gusto. While the Swedish DM influence is never far behind, the Frostisms provide a much-needed balance to what in the extreme scene is an arguable overuse of the HM-2 pedal these days. Turning this way and that, Zombieification’s song aren’t afraid to bring listeners all the way down to Doom-speed, nor are they averse to fist-pumping double-bass rolls that, while a well-known tactic, never fail (if done with character) to give this aging hesher’s worn leather jacket new rips. Also skin-flaying are their down-picked, industrial strength chainsaw-riffs that could easily saw a Sequoyah in two. Together, all these approaches and arrangements comprise an intriguing sophomore effort. This album will be one that grows on you, a bit like the bacteria of a gangrene-ridden arm. You must give At the Caves of Eternal repeated listens to hear its character come to the fore. Don’t let what you’ve heard before stop you from stepping your way through this entire album, for At the Caves of Eternal truly hides the Hooved-One in the details, and in doing so transcends the sum of its heralded, and in some cases too-closely-imitated parts. -Jim

Pulverized Records

~ by cliftonium on March 20, 2013.

One Response to “Zombiefication – At the Caves of Eternal”

  1. this is pretty cool, but man, more frost-esque swedish tinged death. man i feel like i am at the chinese buffet with indigestion wondering if i should walk away or eat more orange chicken. hmm……

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