Decrepitaph / Humiliation – The Carnal Slumber / Enemy’s Perimeter Split 7”

DecHumIt isn’t the number of songs, it’s the value of what’s etched in the grooves. This split 7” underpromises and overdelivers, with the Elektrocutioner-helmed Decrepitaph and the Malaysian maestros of Humiliation each taking a side and purveying the dark sounds that make ancient-styled DM great. Decrepitaph are the perfect Pandora-choice for any recreational gravedigger, earphoned and on the prowl for grimy Death Metal worthy of the filth encrusting his cadaver-uncovering shovel. Yes indeed, the dirtiest Doom and the grittiest Gloom both lustily await you on ‘The Carnal Slumber’ track.

Humiliation are cut of a different though no less bloodstained cloth, channeling their masters in Benediction and Bolt Thrower as they do upon the cymbal-smashing, headbashing intensity of ‘Enemy’s Perimeter’, a song likely pumped over loudspeakers in military barracks for inspiration. Like their UK Warmasters before them, Humiliation express War with rage, remembrance, and reticence. Theirs is a Death Metal suffused with the potent piss and venom of a soldier-in-training, taught to forget all else except the will to kill, and the will to do so with ‘extreme prejudice’. The riffs revive the best of the mid-tempo OSDM variety, and two-and-a-half minutes in, when the drummer takes command with a 4/4 steamroller, the onslaught is such that any self-respecting Metalhead must immediately engage in the slinging of whatever hair he or she has left. In the words of the immortal Karen Carpenter, ‘(this band) has only just begun.’ -Jim

Eldritch Lunar Miasma / Dybbuk

~ by cliftonium on March 27, 2013.

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