These are the Devils of Darkness…

There are so many exciting things lurking on the horizon… and yet we just have to wait a bit longer. I can tell you dear readers, that I haven’t been this thrilled with Worm Gear, or some of the other projects we are working on in a long time. The fog feels like it has been lifted and we are about to step out of obscurity yet again. The word is spreading. More activity and traffic is noticeably affecting our daily stats. It feels like we’re on the right track. So if you like what you see dripping within these digital halls, kindly tell your friends about us, or make mention of WG on a message board you frequent. Comment on the posts you like. Offer up your playlists. Be a part of the mayhem. Let the kingdom come…

On the verge of awareness, Vex, Satan and Arckanum interviews are out there in the great vacuum of the Internet awaiting a response which should be coming soon. We will also be offering up a sneak peak track from Arckanum’s excellent new album, Fenris Kindir. In due time…

Thanks again for the support folks! Jim and I hope you enjoy this weeks descent into darkness.

Marty Rytkonen – Playlist
Emperor – In The Nightside Eclipse (NEVER gets old or tired. Such timelessness and depth. And they were 16 when this was written!!)
Seidr – Ginnungagap
Arckanum – Fenris Kindir
Sig:Ar:Tyr – Godsaga
Finsterforst – Zum Tode Hin
Mysticum – In the Streams of Inferno
Sulphur Aeon – Swallowed by the Oceans Tide
Katatonia – Dance of December Souls
Nargaroth – Jahreszeiten
Evilfeast – Lost Horizons of Wisdom

Jim Clifton Playlist
Death – Scream Bloody Gore
Imperium Dekadenz – Meadows of Nostalgia
Nails – Abandon All Life
Motorhead – Iron Fist
Bolt Thrower – Those Once Loyal
Satan – Life Sentence
Derketa – In Death We Meet
Katatonia – Brave Murder Day
Katatonia – Dance of December
Asphyx – Last One On Earth (Re-release)

~ by martyworm on March 27, 2013.

7 Responses to “These are the Devils of Darkness…”

  1. Cool mix of different types of releases this week. 7″, Demos, full lengths. That is the way it should be! Great coverage–although its one of the few weeks nothing really hit me, But the ratio is still WAY in your favor amazingly.


    Oblong Box – Demo
    Goatcraft – Goatcraft
    Owl – Owl (Zeitgeister release – AMAZING VERY ORIGINAL DEATH METAL)
    Tsjuder – Dessert Northern Hell (can’t get enough of this album)
    Thorns – Thorns
    The Chasm – 4 Different albums
    Netra – Sorbyen
    Subterranean Disposition – Subterranean Disposition
    Stroszek – Sound Graveyard Bound
    Klabautamann – Merkur
    Necrot – Demo
    gorgoroth – Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
    Old Forgotten Lands – Primal
    Vindensang – Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts
    Gasp – Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo People
    Bersarin Quartett – Bersarin Quartett
    Monolake – Ghosts
    Brian Eno – Discreet Music

  2. Ah, yes, Owl! Forgot to check them out the other day; glad you put ’em on your list \m/

  3. Some:

    Cultes des Ghoules – Henbane
    Fields of the Nephilim – Elizium
    Franck, Szymanowski – Violin Sonata, Mythes – Danczowska, Zimerman (DG)
    Lutoslawski – Partita, Chain 2, Piano Concerto – Zimerman, Mutter (DG)
    Manilla Road – Crystal Logic
    Mare – Spheres Like Death, Throne Of The Thirteenth Witch EP comp
    Moon – The Nine Gates
    Vreid – Welcome Farewell
    Vreid – V

  4. Good to read your verdict about the new Arckanum, I was a bit worried after his last mediocre album. I pre-ordered it yesterday through Seasons of Mist nevertheless, together with the new Kylesa AND BURZUM! Yay! Varg’s releasing a new one and it’s said it’s a return to the electronic instrumental stuff, a soundtrack to the film he made with his wife. I couldn’t care less about the film (which seems to be a total snooze judging the trailer) but I really really like Dauði Baldrs and Hliðskjálf so I’m pretty stoked.

    Also good to read about the way things are going for Wormgear! Congrats guys, looking forward to future mayhem (Arckanum interview!). Is that Sacred Reich re-evaluation also still coming?

    I’ve been playing a mixture of Burzum, Drudkh and Arckanum lately and not a lot of metal besides that (it’s been jazz and eastern european folk music). I did revisit my Kylesa records yesterday because of the pre-order and figured I should play them more often; big, tense chunks of sludge with hardcore punk touches and some psychedelics thrown into the mix. Delicious.

    Brian Eno and Monolake; f’ng brilliant.
    Emperor and SIG:AR:TYR; thanks for reminding me, they’re on this week’s playlist for sure.

  5. I just realise it’s good friday today so I propose to celebrate the crucifixion of the liar of Golgotha by playing your most classic, cherished, blasphemic piece of black art today. I’ll start with:

    Morbid Angel – Blasphemy
    “Do what thou wilt shall be the hole of the law
    Rebel! against the church!
    Drink! from the chalice of blasphemy!
    Rise up! against the enslaver!”

    These lyrics always felt like a call to arms for me. As I’ve said before; I wouldn’t call myself satanist but a lot of the lyrics on the mighty Altars of Madness really strike a nerve deep within me… \m/

    So what are your favorite songs of black celebration?

  6. Crankin’ it 70s style this week; rev up the Camaro and RAWK!…..

    Scorpions- Best of the 70s Scorpions. They did a lot of cool stuff before their arena rock days. Not every song is great, but the good ones are excellent.
    Bow Wow- Signal Fire. New to me. Still sinking in, but parts of it bear an uncanny resemblance to Speranza-era RIOT. Was the foundation of ‘Rock City’ laid in Japan? Reale (RIP) and his crew were always big in the land of the rising sun….. gonna have to look into this possible connection…
    Led Zeppelin- II. ‘Cause sometimes ya just gotta get your Whole Lotta Groove on.
    Lynyrd Skynyrd- Pronounced. ‘Cause I live in the south and it had been almost 30 days since I played it, and state law requires a monthly visitation ‘lest my neck be declared pink instead of red.

    …with a pinch of new poppy fun thrown in:
    Imagine Dragons- Night Visions

    Got some Danzig and Mercyful Fate in the on-deck circle, along with more Pallbearer, and more obscure-ass singles en route too.

  7. I’ll always dig Evil Elvis’ first four solo albums (and the Misfits of course). Good calls all around – \m/ -Jim

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