Cadaveric Fumes – Macabre Exaltation

Cadaveric_FWith a name like Cadaveric Fumes, it has to be good! And so it is.

Yes, sometimes, on a bright and sunny Spring day, feculent, verminous Death Metal is called for in order to bring the day’s beauty back into blackened balance. Consider Macabre Exaltation a putrid crossbreed of early Floridian and Finnish Death Metal by way of UK’s Grave Miasma, with a cavernous Black Metal flavor derived from CF’s French homeland. If you didn’t read ‘original’ in that sentence, allow me to clarify further: this is not yet another Entombed/Dismember cover band. Unlike the army of bands that are, Cadaveric Fumes borrow from their ancestors without duplicating them, in ways that had this writer gray-haired headbanging and trancing out all at once. Begrimed double-bass runs barrel right onto ominous keys, utilizing organ-sound and haunting atmospherics alike. Drum beats that fuckin’ move rather than continously blast inflate the already giant-sized riffs, with tempo shifts fleshed out and organized like a list of commands for an eager horde of warmongering, bloodthirsty undead. Often I’ll do chores (heh) while giving a promo a first listen, and as I washed dishes along to this magnificent MLP, equal time was spent slinging suds in a frenzy and staring transfixedly into the sink, as putrid riffs hypnotized me into being just another of Cadaveric Fumes’ rotten-fleshed DM automatons. In just over twenty minutes, Macabre Exaltation steamrolls roughly half the ancient-obsessed Death Metal bands I’ve perused this year in search of something worth mentioning in a weekly WG update. Only together since 2011, the relatively youthful Cadaveric Fumes have placed DM from Rennes on a grimy map for those looking for a Francophile grave rob.

Ah, Spring … a time for sonics, soiled and squalid! -Jim

Blood Harvest Records

~ by cliftonium on May 8, 2013.

8 Responses to “Cadaveric Fumes – Macabre Exaltation”

  1. I just started playing this on Bandcamp on Monday after I received the notice of it being posted by Blood Harvest. Man, that label is really putting out some cool stuff, as well as Sepulchral Voice. This is really good DM for sure.

  2. They have a bandcamp site? Can’t find it.

  3. under blood harvest records

  4. Cadaveric Fumes isn’t listed on the Blood Harvest bandcamp as far as I can see?! Can you give me the link you used?

  5. ikbenfreek, Cadaveric Fumes is here:


  6. Aha… I only checked “music” while most their releases are under “merch”… Silly me. Thanks!

  7. yeah, i get tricked by that myself with Blood Harvest.

  8. Probably the best demo I’ve heard in months…really cool stuff.

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