Born in a graveyard …

The new Black sabbath is great. Let all the “music journalists” toot their rusty horns on their digital soapboxes and try to get their insignificant jabs in… Sabbath did what they had to do and made an album worth listening to… repeatedly. But… I’ll save my longwinded praise for next weeks review of 13. Actually looking forward to writing about it for a change of pace.

Regarding the matter at hand, 6 new reviews have surfaced from the Wormy ones spinning throughout the diverse musical appreciation that is our lives. Some interviews are in the works, but summer and family stuff is keeping us all busy and distracted enough to fully commit to exhuming questions. In due time. Until then, enjoy the reviews and feel free to tell us what you’re listening to, or your favorite Sabbath album. Mine is hands down Mob Rules! Eternally amazing album. Unleash the hounds….

Marty Rytkonen Playlist
Black Sabbath – 13
Black Sabbath – All the Ozzy albums in chronological order
Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell
Dan Swano – Moontower
Ereb Altor – Gastrike
The Exploited – Troops of Doom
Forefather – Ours is the Kingdom
Hypocrisy – Penetralia
Opthalamia – Via Dolorosa
Samael – Ceremony of Opposites

Jim Clifton Playlist
Black Sabbath – 13
Bölzer – Aura
Cadaveric Fumes – Macabre Exaltation
Beyond – Fatal Power of Death
Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind
Bathory – The Return …
Sodom – Persecution Mania
Blood of the Black Owl – A Banishing Ritual
Ludicra – Hollow Psalms
Grand Belial’s Key – Judeobeast Assassination

Jake Moran Playlist
Of – The Sun And Earth Together
Skogen – Vittra
Endvra – Great Pan Is Dead 7”
Burial Hex – Eschatology II
Sadhaka – Terma
Emit – Spectre Music of an Antiquary
Hammemit – The Ghastliere Morrowe
The Magickal Folk Of The Faraway Tree – The Soup & The Shilling
Sangre de Muerdago – Sangre de Muerdago
Raising Holy Sparks – Four Sacred Mountains

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15 Responses to “Born in a graveyard …”

  1. Many great (classic) albums in those lists sirs (Maiden, Bathory, Sodom, Exploited, Samael), I salute you! \m/
    Haven’t heard 13 yet. In my opinion Ozzy has been a pathetic parody of his earlier self for a long time, I hope 13 changes my mind. Favorite Sabbath album; impossible to pick one. Most underrated Sabbath album/personal soft spot: Dehumanizer. Favorite Sabbath album that isn’t by Sabbath: Speak of the Devil. Cocaaaaaine!!!

    Ash Borer – S/T & Cold of Ages
    Immortal, I & Demonaz – most everything. Battles! Battles in the North!
    Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn. Awesome! I’m converted. Like recent Burzum, this transcends black metal or even metal. World building music indeed.
    Thy Infernal – Warlords of Hell
    Among Gods – S/T
    Vale of Pnath – S/T EP & The Prodigal Empire
    Revelation – Inner Harbor
    Manilla Road – Metal. Finally a reissue!
    Molly Hatchet – S/T & Flirtin’ with Disaster. The most “metal” of all southern boogie, album cover-wise!
    The Paladins – Power Shake: Live in Holland

  2. Look forward to seeing your review of ’13’; I don’t have enough faith to buy this until I hear from some trusted sources that it is worthwhile.

    Favorite Sabbath- ‘Mob Rules’, with ‘Masters of Reality’ a strong second. I usually think of them as ‘best Ozzy’ and ‘Best Non-Ozzy’, they’re that close.

    Speaking of ‘Sabbath, just heard ‘Seventh Star’ for the first time earlier this week and actually really enjoyed it. Granted, if you play it expecting a slab of doomy metal, you are SO in for a disappointment. But if you want to hear a great, bluesy, hard rock album, then it’s a strong contender.

    Embarrassed to say I forgot Summoning was coming out this month- I had July programmed in my mind- so I haven’t picked that up yet 😦

    –Black Sabbath- ‘Seventh Star’.
    –Social Distortion- ‘Hard Times & Nursery Rhymes’. Completely missed this when it came out. Getting old and slipping up sucks.
    –Stray- s/t. Early 70s hard rock, Imagine the Beatles trying to do proto metal.
    –Atlantean Kodex- ‘The Golden Bough’. Probably the best album released so far this century IMO; it takes the best components of ‘Hail to England’ and ‘Hammerheart’, then creates something unique, powerful, and beyond epic. Is ‘epicer’ a word? If so, ‘The Gold Bough’ is epicer than whatever you’re playing right now 😉

  3. Ancient Crypts – Devoured by Serpents (I bet Jim is gonna review this too, hehe)
    Cadaveric Fumes – Macabre Exaltation
    Beyond – Fatal Power of Death
    Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth
    Nekrofilth – Worship Destruction
    Nunslaughter – Hell’s Unholy Fire
    Fatalist –
    Mystic Charm – Shadows of the Unknown
    Emptywhale – That Grey Place We Go
    Desolate Shrine – Tenebrous Towers
    Serpent Ascending – The Enigma Unsettled

    Nightsblood, just go on youtube or somewhere to hear samples of 13. Snooooozzzzeeeee……Good to fall asleep to. That is for sure.

  4. Nightsblood,

    I always thought The Golden Bough really paled in comparison to the Pnakotic Demos I heard first. It’s been a few years since I listened to it, but it never moved me much. I’ll queue it up and see if it fares any better now.

    Watain – Casus Luciferi (Am I the only one who thinks this is a really dull album? Paint by the numbers black metal)
    Saprogenic – Ichneumonid
    Torsofuck – Disgusting Gore and Pathology
    Emperor – IX Equilibrium
    Europe – Wings of Tomorrow
    Cultes des Ghouls – Henbane (Ehh…Just okay, nice dirty sound, but the songs haven’t hit me.)
    Agent Steel – Unstoppable Force

  5. Cirkus- yeah, i thought the same thing about the Cultes des Ghouls. when i first heard it i got really excited because of the nice production, but then i sat back and really listened to the whole thing, and it is boring. Seems to me, that most of the Hells Headbangers releases (not all) are shrouded in filth to kinda hide the lack of ingenuity and creativity these bands clearly do not have. And yes, the Watain is boring.

  6. Holy hell…. ALL WATAIN is fucking boring. Such an over rated band. Sucking at the phantom teets of Jon Nodtveidt, but nowhere close to being as talented as songwriters. They gotta love their PR team and the fact that visually stimulated males love a freakshow.

  7. Pnakotic Demos was incredible as well, and I would say it was more instantly likable. I own 5 copies of Pnakotic at this point and am still looking for one other pressing 🙂 Everyone has their own thing; AK is right up my alley. ‘Golden Bough’ felt like one of those albums I had always been waiting to hear until they finally made it manifest. Am hoping their next one is just as good (due out this fall last I heard)

  8. Listened to 13, gotta agree with Patrick. Nothing special, all the riffs sounding like all their other riffs and man does Ozzy sound old and tired. Somebody give that guy a mercy kill… Still, I’m curious to the reasons why other people like it so bring on the raving review.
    Golden Bough has been on my to-check-out list for a while now, I’ve read a lot of praise about it. Will check it one of these days.
    Watain; there’s better, there’s worse. Casus Luciferi was quite a revelation when I first heard it, I thought it was deliciously eeeevil. Bought their other albums but never really play them though. Maybe it’s time for a re-evaluation. Jon Nödtveidt and his phantom teets did approve though.

  9. “Watain – Casus Luciferi
    a really dull album
    Paint by the numbers black metal
    ALL WATAIN is fucking boring
    Sucking at the phantom teets of Jon Nodtveidt”

    Nope. Everyone please go back and listen to ‘Puzzles ov Flesh’ and tell me that it is any of the above. If it wasn’t for the (definitely undeserved) hype they’ve gotten since Sworn to the Dark, Watain wouldn’t be hated on nearly as much as they are. They aren’t some radically brilliant band, but it feels more than a little disingenuous to say they don’t have any good sense for writing compelling music.

  10. Years ago when I was in high school I asked a friend what he thought of the new Exodus album Fabulous Disaster (yes, I am old). His response was “it’s there”. After listening again to this track you recommended, I will conclude that Watain is “there”. Yep it’s black metal, yep it’s fast, it’s dark, and it’s pseudo satanic, but to me it’s soulless. Hence paint by the numbers, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t “hate on them” they simply bore me, so no disingenuousness (did I make up a word?) here.

    And it was the hype of Casus Luciferi years ago that inspired me to pick that release. I’ve never cared enough to pick up any other of their work so I can’t comment on any other releases. I do come back to the album every couple of years to see if something I missed will come through. No such luck yet, but check back in a few years…

  11. “If it wasn’t for the (definitely undeserved) hype they’ve gotten since Sworn to the Dark, Watain wouldn’t be hated on nearly as much as they are.”
    Very true. Blame Pitchfork for the many douchebags in Watain shirts, not the band.

  12. the greatest achievement of 13 is that it is decent and takes you to the same sonic space as the first 8 eight sabbath albums. i enjoy it, but after 3 listenings, find nothing more to discover and it really lacks the most essential sabbath ingredient: great riffs. the ending riff in the opener, the main riff in track 3 and the main riff in track 5 are good, but in terms of hooks, this is like dehumanizer— serviceable and feels like sabbath, but not jaw dropping. eternal idol and tyr CRUSH this album in terms of riffs and pocket drumming, but yes, 13 is welcome, better than expected and decent. but to those who overlooked the non-ozzy & dio stuff, eternal idol and tyr are leagues better than this album, albeit more optimistic, and recommended.

    i like both atlantean koedx albums a lot, though golden bough has two duds on there— disciples and vesperal. i believe both cuts were not written by the main guy, which explains it.

    craniotomy, rattenfanger, daft punk, ghost b.c., & darkthrone are my 2013 favorites thus far….

  13. Heard 13 again today when visiting the local recordstore, the guy there loves it but nope… Still don’t feel it. This, on the other hand, kicks my ass:


  14. Re: being old- yeah, it still doesn’t occur to me to just go to Youtube and hear an entire new album, I still think in terms of reading reviews and buying cds & LPs.

    Played ’13’ twice online yesterday and hafta say it sounds uninspired. It’s not terrible,
    \but nothing stands out about it. When a legendary band releases a new album, you want it to strike a certain chord within you. ‘Lillie F-65′ takes all of 3 seconds to invoke pure VITUS. It’s not the Saint’s best album, but it is unquestionably their album and no one else could have made that album. ’13’ doesn’t really invoke anything. It’s ok, its passable… but ‘Sabbath has to be better than ‘passable’. Rituals of the Oak are passable, and Isole are passable, and a hundred other bands are passable. For ‘Sabbath to be merely passable means they didn’t come close to their potential of old. It wasn’t awful and Ozzy sounded better than I expected, but I didn’t feel that they recaputred the magic at all.

    Re: Watain- I too re-visit them from time to time trying to see what I missed, what the big deal is, and so far I’ve never spotted it. Competent but generic black metal, not that different from what dozens of other bands deliver. My old age sees me getting less and less patient with ‘typical’ bands. 10-15 years ago I would give a thumbs-up to almost any band that had the words ‘German’ and ‘Power’ in the description. Now, I’d rather explore some bands that are more unique than a band that’s essentially a carbon copy of what’s been done before. I’d rather spend my listening time trying to figure out Deathspell Omega than have another Darkthrone wannabe go in one ear and out the other.

    But hey, that’s just my take on things. For those enjoying 13 and Watain, good on you- you probably don’t dig some of the stuff I really get into. Play what you like and don’t worry too much about what other people say about it. If I only listened to what people around me liked, I’d have Toby Keith and Taylor Swift on permanent shuffle in iTunes…. now there’s a hell the likes of which no black metal album has ever conjured! 🙂

  15. Well said Nightsblood! \m/

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