Cursed to be walking in the shadows of death for a lifetime…

Sorry Patrick! Your prophecy in your birthday greeting has become reality. Too many things going on this week as we race along with birthday celebrations and the Clifton Family’s impending move this weekend… this weeks update has been derailed. But, we shall return next week with a new batch of reviews for all of you to sift through. Thanks for your patience and support! How about some playlists shall we?

Marty Rytkonen – Playlist
Ceremonial Oath – The Book of Truth
Brutal Truth – The Birth of Ignorance Demo
Aeternus – Beyond the Wandering Moon
Cobalt – Gin
Taake – All
Dark Messiah – Rise of the Black Dawn
The Abyss – The Other Side
Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn
Symphony X – The Odyssey
Edge of Sanity – Crimson

Jim Clifton – Playlist
Aeternus – Beyond the Wandering Moon
Aeternus – Shadows of Old
Helcaraxe – Broadsword
Sombres Forets – La Mort du Soleil
Disma – Towards the Megalith
Bölzer – Aura
Mötörhead – Iron Fist
Burzum – Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Burzum – Belus
Sacriphyx – The Western Front

Jake Moran Playlist
Angel Olsen – Strange Cacti
Belial – Wisdom of Darkness
Lee Noble – Ruiner
Kinit Her – The Poet & The Blue Flower
ZENИTH – Ritual
Saåad – Στερεά Σύννεφα
Sigur Rós – Takk…
Echtra – Sky Burial
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – I See a Darkness
Raate – Halki Kuolleen Maan…

~ by martyworm on June 27, 2013.

4 Responses to “Cursed to be walking in the shadows of death for a lifetime…”

  1. Damn. I knew it. Ur birthdays dont matter anymore dad. hehe. no, I am glad you took the day to hopefully relax and enjoy yourself there Marty.

    Fatal – Retrospective from Hell
    Incubus 1987 Demo
    Necrony – 1991 Demo
    Misericorida – The Mircobiological Revolution 96′ Demo
    Incantation – Diabolical Conquest
    Thaw ‘Thaw’
    Vermious Demo EP – Smell the Birth of Death
    Amebix – Arise!
    Doom – Total Toom
    Cretin – Freakery
    Nekrofilth – Worship Destruction
    – Servants of Darkness
    Master – Master
    Shroud of the Heretic – Boiled to Death
    Serpent Ascending – The ENigma Unsettled

    This weekends Contamination Conquest show is going to prove to be quite filthy!

  2. A few items from the past few days:

    Morbid Angel – Domination (Great album, otherworldly solos!)
    Weakling – Dead as Dreams
    Agents of Oblivion – s/t
    Art Ensemble of Chicago – Les Stances a Sophie (Although the remaining songs never match the ecstasy of the first song Theme de Yoyo, still very enjoyable)
    Blood Ceremony – The Eldritch Dark
    MorningStar – Finnish Metal

    Marty – Great call on the Dark Messiah.

  3. Check out tonights Contamination Conquest show at 9PM PST, 11PM CENTRAL, 12AM EST – Timeghoul, Incantation, Cretin, Bolt Thrower, Kingdom, Coffins, Cadaveric Fumes, Master, Autopsy, Cianide and much much more! – —-

  4. Jake> I See a Darkness… My personal funeral dirge. Seriously, I want people to hear that when I die. Most perfect set of lyrics ever.

    Cirkus-Lizard> Theme de Yoyo! Hell yeah! It funks and grooves and then suddenly it explodes. Love the way the groove derails during the solos. A great track to annoy people who say they dig ‘rare grooves’ and ‘acid jazz’ hahaha… Motorpsycho and the Jaga Jazzist Horns did a great cover btw.

    Motörhead – Overkill & Ace of Spades. Seriously Lemmy, hang in there, maybe slow down a bit on the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, don’t die die on us yet!
    Metal Church – The Dark
    Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black & Dead Heart in a Dead World. Really changed my opinion on Nevermore, this is so heavy!
    Woe – Withdrawal. Killer!
    Motorpsycho – Still Life with Eggplant
    Albert Ayler – Witches and Devils
    Tern Years After – Ssssh
    The Reverend Horton Heat – The Full Custom Gospel Sounds
    MC5 – Motorcity is Burning

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