S. Craig Zahler interview

Just noticed this interview with our own S. Craig Zahler on the Decibel weblog and I thought I’d share. Chris Dick interrogates him regarding his busy writing career and also Realmbuilder.

There’s probably a lot of stuff in there that you didn’t know about our friend and colleague. Check it out here:



~ by martyworm on August 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “S. Craig Zahler interview”

  1. The interview was too short, but still enjoyable. I’d love to see a long form interview similar to the one with Marty awhile back. I’ve read A Congregation of Jackals which was quite good. Half way through Wraiths of the Broken Land which I probably enjoy even more.

  2. cirkus lizard. thanks for the kind words regarding my books. wraiths of the broken is out on a good indie publisher and not well known, so feel free spread the word if you enjoy it!

    (and i’m hoping that your name is a reference to king crimson, one of the very best bands ever.)

  3. Mr. Zahler,

    Finished Wraiths a few days ago and thought it was really great. I will pass the word on to a couple friends I know that would probably enjoy. I picked up Congregations a few years ago due to your writing in Metal Maniacs and the violent western concept. Struck me as really cool idea (and it was). Really looking forward to the movies, especially Bone Tomahawk. Good luck with all the projects. When do you find time to sleep… πŸ™‚

    And yes the Cirkus-Lizard tag is a reference to King Crimson. One of my favorites also.

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