Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit – Vertilger

Vom Fetisch der UnbeirrtheitFirst impression of Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit struck me as a band existing in a similar class of atypical black metal as Ved Buens Ende, but as the CD progresses, they are much weirder than that. Add the post apocalyptic sci-fi/broken machine buzz of Voivod, fused with moments of electronics and you have a closer idea of what a complete disregard of structure and genre classification sounds like.

Vertilger is a modern art piece with roots planted in the black metal world of degradation and woe. The standard tuned and distorted guitars provide a tilting foundation for the rest of this album to be heaped on top in a seemingly haphazard manner in an attempt to challenge or confront the listener with sickening surges of sound/music/oddities that jut in and out of time and space with aggressive intentions. The tempos and rhythm section in general sound sliced up and reassembled just a bit off to feel even more abstract as experienced on the devilish track Schabenbrut. To say this sounds like a sadistic nightmare taking place in an abandoned carnival where the power fizzles on and off at random intervals. The vocals add to the confusion as they range from desperate speaking/screams, to adopt a mild black metal influence when a bit more gravel rattles around at the back of the throat. The overall delivery puts me in mind of a victim of a kidnapping reading his keepers demands with a knife to his throat. Fear is in there. Pain and sexual deviance is also here and it somehow fuels the urgency of this material. There is nothing to hang onto as spastic beats and contorting waves of harsh sound are hurled at the listener in a fit of madness. Multiformale Leiberdimension finally gives us a sense of relief from the fragmented attack with a normal tempo and metal-less dose of industrial music. Kraftwerk with an edge if you will. The gruff German commentary over the top keeps this track in line with the atypical/broken vibe found in the tracks that came before and left me speechless. Kadavermeer struggles for normalicy with an opening glean guitar line, but once the distortion swarms back into the equation, jagged riffs and fragmented drums once again deny you the relief you were striving to achieve. It is apparent that Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit earn great pleasure in making us squirm and Vertilger is easily one of the most bizarre pieces of music you will likely have heard.

I have spoke of this in other reviews before about the quest for originality. As a music critic, I have pined for it in the past as we tend to become beaten down by the same old formulas and endless metal posturing. How much creativity is “too much”? When does the level of creativity go beyond the realm of listenability? Honestly, Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit are damn close to the point of no return. I have spun Vertilger 3 times in an attempt to understand and connect with the projects musical surroundings, but it is so alien to me and at times unpleasant, I truly cannot decide where I stand on this. I have endless respect for the work that must have went into this piece and can appreciate it as vibrant and violent work of art, but as a work of music that I want to sit down and listen to, I really can’t foresee wanting to make myself that vulnerable again for Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit to deconstruct (or rape) my senses. I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere… -Marty

Temple of Torturous

~ by martyworm on August 7, 2013.

6 Responses to “Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit – Vertilger”

  1. Anywhere I can hear this highly intriguing write up?

  2. Here is a link to a song from another album ( i think). Shit, this is the best of all the stuff reviewed this week. Whats up with the kids gloves yo? This is too strange for you? you better check yo-self before you wreck yo-self. heehe. okay. i’ll stop. i am an idiot, but an idiot that questions your thoughts sir.

  3. Loved their previous album, will definitely have to check this out.

  4. yeah, i just bought the first album. that was the song I heard on youtube. Here is the link I forgot to post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ3O2N1Wu-4

    Maybe their new stuff is way more bizarre. if that is the case, then i understand, but if it sounds like this song, i am 100% all for it.

  5. The review isn’t meant to be negative. The album, vision and creativity is rather remarkable actually. The overall delivery strikes me as coming from another dimension and the over the top intensity of some of it is difficult to comprehend and absorb. It’s an art piece. Very challenging. I didn’t post a link because there isn’t one yet from this new album. The only other one I found on there (the one you posted I believe) is damn good as well, just not as over the top.

  6. Okay, as I figured. So the new album perhaps is taking it to another level all together. Understood. I bought the first album (that the song on the link). It is 2 cds! Here is too hoping it is all good! fingers crossed.

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