Exhumed – Necrocracy

exhumedHas it really been since 2003 since I have sat down to listen to an album by Exhumed all the way through? Anatomy is Destiny it was and even though I have always enjoyed Matt Harvey and crew’s best and skillful attempt to siphon a little of that creative putrefaction juice off of Bill Steer and Jeff Walker’s Carcass, I realize there has never been enough of a draw here to “steer” me away from the UK innovators inspirational corpse stopping up this California quartet’s sewer system.

Necrocracy is full-length #6 for Exhumed and the bands dedication to the gore metal craft is to be applauded. So is their knack for writing evenly paced and largely dynamic songs that center on moving solo work and emotive riffs that stir a glistening mash of memorability. More death metal than grindcore, Exhumed 2013 is deeply entrenched musically in a penetrating style that sounds like the proper union of Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious and Heartwork, with more of a thrashy persona than the latter, and nowhere near as sinister sounding riffage as the former, but the solos sound very reminiscent of that bluesy union between Steer and Amott, right down to the key shifts and mature interplay between guitarists. The Carcass-isms abound of course, but Exhumed do employ enough of their own spirit and riff style into the material to keep the fire of idolatry from consuming them. Especially on the faster material like Ravening and Carrion Call, where the guitar buzzes deep into menacingly interesting tremolo lines that unlock a bloody dimension where furious death meets traditional metal characteristics. This is the true legacy of Exhumed… well written material that salutes the pioneers with class and an obvious conviction for the craft that has spanned 20+ years. Vocally, the screams and moans are traded between Matt, Bud and Rob, ranging between a speed metal rasp, and more brutal gutturalizations for that tired yet true low verses high, offsetting attack. The overall delivery has been heard time and again when it comes to death and gore grind, but Exhumed have been around long enough to place their own stamp on the evolution (or lack thereof) of the genre to earn a positive approval rating from fans that really connect to this back and forth style.

In the end, Necrocracy is a very mature album that offers a fine movement throughout all 9 tracks and a teeth gritting/head nodding intensity to possess longtime fans (and maybe earn a few new ones) with an old school lust and air guitar virtuosic madness. Even though the songs hold up and the production has a very organic vibe to it, I will really enjoy the time spent with this album, but am unsure if it, like their past works, will stand the test of time and take root in my listening rotation. -Marty

Relapse Records

~ by martyworm on August 7, 2013.

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