Temple Nightside – Condemnation

TempNight (196x200)So just when is it the right time for, as described in this album’s accompanying marketing piece, “blackened DEATH-fucking-METAL”? In my case, as always, it’s after enduring the little things. After that ’70’s perm-wearing dickchin doesn’t bother to at least nod a silent ‘thanks’ when you hold the door open for him (Porno King! Allow me to part the entrance into yon Local Liquor Store for thee; I would be honored). After reading that letter from your mortgage company saying your payment’s going up (Aw shucks, [insert name here]! We’re bummed we got your property tax estimate wrong. Now go financially fuck yourself, it’s on us!). After opening the fridge and seeing there’s nothing left to eat (I was indeed craving this solitary piece of processed sliced cheese. Yes! That’s what I needed. Mmm-hmm).

Now, when the minor annoyances of the world conspire as one to sap your peaceful outlook, now the moment for Temple Nightside’s latest release, Condemnation, has arrived. Press play and you’ll descend into hell faster than a modern-day Syrian dictator. But know this, Temple Nightside do not bring forth burning flames – this Australian band, as mentioned beforehand, are “blackened”, so expect instead sub-zero temperatures transmogrifying your fleshly lobes into brittle ice-sculptures. TN’s riff muzzle-flares emit freezing, sharpened stakes rapidly spitting from a nitrogen machine-gun, piercing the hearts and minds of all that dare tempt the unrelenting unholiness this tyrannical twosome of Basilysk (drums) and IV (everything else) propagate. The lofi-produced sound (adeptly mastered by VK of Vassafor) remains enjoyable throughout, immersing you as it does in a cold created for curing one of whatever minor transgressions the worthless fools you must contend with on a normal day may toss your way. IV’s howls, moans, and whispers are the aftermath of a rage gone rogue, an anger carried past death into the darkness of the next world, only to increase in potency once there. And when the instant emerges for that anger to evolve into a worshipful malevolence, Temple Nightside push past the expected tremolos and locomotion and employ tasteful keyboards/dark ambient passages amongst their swollen torrent, ensuring that a constricting atmosphere takes precedence – start to finish on this album – over and above the typical tired musical violence that, yes, we all love, but are witnessing too much of these days. That richness to Temple Nightside’s hypothermic horror comprises the whole of standout track “Ascension of Decaying Forms”, securing it’s place in that frustrated part of yourself longing to be a hermit when the crush of humanity threatens to overwhelm you. But that’s only one reason of many – only one track of eight – to spend that cash you don’t have on yet another crushing Dark Descent release.

…All that, *and* ‘Condemnation’ sports killer artwork & layout by Haasiophis of Antediluvian? Fuck yes, this is what I needed. Mmm-hmm. -Jim

Dark Descent Records

nothing from this album on youtube yet, so enjoy this oldie but goodie:

~ by cliftonium on September 4, 2013.

14 Responses to “Temple Nightside – Condemnation”

  1. Superb album and very good review! This album reminds me of musical dark passages from the movie Dune. Extremely evil and haunting music. Stylistically in league with other bands like Portal,Abyssal,Aevangeslist, but this by far takes on its own shape of horror and mystic blackness, much like Abyssal did on their 2nd album. The low-fi production and excellent selection of reverbs really help the atmospherics. Reverb on everything is all the rage these days. Anti-attack and pro-wide n’ large air and looming death! I am never one for trends, but this, I can live with, at least for a while–until a million other bands jump on board (any second now). But alas, its still fresh and wonderful in my ears. This album fucking hits the spot for me.

  2. Hilarious and so recognizable! The review that is. Don’t know the band but will check out. Oh it’s on Dark Descent? I’ll probably end up buying it then… Hehehe… I love trends.

  3. I think you’re right on with your appraisal. Tons of reverb, haunting, and cousins of the bands you listed. “Anti-attack and pro-wide n’ large air and looming death!” – haha, love it \m/

  4. Glad you got the vibe \m/ I was hoping I’d inspire some relatability and, more importantly, schadenfreude for all 😉

  5. Schadenfreude, I love that word. Most beautiful word the german language has brought forth (that I can think of right now).

  6. freek, if you decide to buy this release, you can get it from nuclear winter in Europe (to save some money). but if you are buying from D.D. anyways, here is the link to buy it (sorry Freek’s wallet, but you have no choice, hehe) http://www.darkdescentrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=temple+nightside

  7. Schadenfreude? Just looked it up, now that should be a fucking band name there. Love that word.

  8. Coincident: Just received the email update from Nuclear Winter promoting this album (plus the new Altars and Ensnared). They offer some streams as well; digging it, but doesn’t hit the spot right now. Much Portal/Mitochondrion/Antediluvian/Abyssal/Aevangelist lying around here that’s still fresh, so maybe later. But thanks for the tip man!

    Oh and Schadenfreude:

    So… What are you waiting for?

  9. In norse it is Skadefryd… Now that just screams necro black metal kvlt bandname! But still:

  10. maybe a song name at the very least! both are cool

  11. oh , and yes, if those other albums are still ‘fresh’ then best to wait or buy it now and put it in line with the others : ) hehe. .

  12. out of all those you have though Freek, the 2nd abyssal album and this Temple Nightside take the top I think. What do you think Jim?

  13. Yeah, I prefer my albums rotten. They don’t decay much though…

    Considering what takes the top; I like Abyssal but clearly not as much as you. I have a soft spot for the Aevangelist album. The first Mitochondrion and Antediluvian border on classic in my humble opinion (shit, those should’ve been included in our discussion). And Portal is simply beyond category, feeding not only my cavernous nightmare metal monkey but also my hunger for avant-noise freaky stuff. So. What was the question again? Oh yeah; Temple Nightside are very good, but as far as this corner of the death metal universe goes I’m a bit saturated right now.

  14. i need to try the Antediluvian again. Haven’t had much luck with them the few times i listened on youtube. the different vocal styles threw me off. not a big fan of that.

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