Triumph, Genus – Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících

triumph genusCold and churning in the fringed early 90’s vein of blackness that gripped the worldwide metal movement in a shroud of mystical enchantment, the Czech Republic has unleashed a fervent and unrelenting beast in the form of Triumph, Genus.
This punishing 2 man unit have perfectly embraced that ancient atmosphere of crisp riffing and blazing, yet clinically clean speed to infect the listener with ice drifts of occultic madness. The standard tuning and non-polluted production really gives Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících a bleak yet refreshing vibe by way of Transylvanian Hunger, but with actual production values and songs that possess more than 3 riffs. Add a croaking, bordering on spoken vocal style which brings to mind the evil invocations of Russia’s Old Wainds (the old stuff), and you have Triumph, Genus arriving at a style that certainly isn’t new, but rings out as a breath of fresh air to me as it feels so much more like a hypnotic journey into the twisted realms of another dimension than it does a new band trying to be excessively harsh, or fashionably modern. Triumph, Genus “get it” and they have emerged from a 3 way split CD with Vindorn and Sator Marte with 6 tracks that strike as an all consuming wave of abyssic dread as their first full-length statement of intent.
With such stirring and inventive variations of music, from interesting guitar lines that present a hook within layers of painful tremolo melodies, to perfectly placed breaks in the speed attack to embrace double bass grooves and mood sculpting shifts in intensity, Triumph, Genus have re-tagged the Czech Republic high on the list of countries that have contributed to damn impressive and malevolent in its own way black metal. Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících is really enjoyable and I look forward to falling ever deeper within its spell. -Marty
W.T.C. Productions

~ by martyworm on September 4, 2013.

9 Responses to “Triumph, Genus – Všehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících”

  1. Yes, 90’s black indeed. I was a bit let down by this album. The cover made it look like it was going to be some cool original stuff (wished like the Bolzer) but nah. not bad though, but nothing new at all. thumbs down for me.

  2. Somehow reminds me of recent Mayhem, but with lame vocals. They do know how to write a great riff though (but that doesn’t make them songwriters). Those vocals, no. For that spoken vocal style nothing beats Inquisition’s Dagon me thinks. Sir Marty, do I detect a disliking of that Darkthrone classic? Sometimes three riffs are all that’s needed… \m/

    Shit Patrick, we seem to agree a lot these days. Time for a heated argument, what say you?

  3. i suppose so. I was gonna start one with you about you liking trends, but i am too lazy and don’t really care. haha.

  4. Ah shit Patrick, with that attitude we ain’t getting anywhere… Because yeah, I’m so hip you know. V-necks and all…

  5. relax, i was just making up a false argument.

  6. you had jokingly commented you like trends in the nightside temple section. that is what i was referring to. ain’t no thang brotha

  7. If you’re looking for someone to reinvent the wheel here, i can understand your disappointment. I simply like the feel and execution, Mayhem/Inquisition influences and all! Dig the vocals as well.

  8. Patrick> Hahaha I was totally tongue in cheek there (referring to you being too lazy to piss me off)… Guess that doesn’t show in typed words eh? Next time I’ll add the evil wink. So don’t sweat it. Unless you keep calling me brotha, homey. (evil wink)

    Marty> Oh no, I like them old wheels just fine, truly new wheels are really rare nowadays and that’s fine. I just feel this wheel’s been done better by others, just a matter of taste.

  9. Marty, you got it. There are various shades of wheel reinvention I think though. Some, solid black with a fair amount of tread life left, and all the way to tan rubbed down bare smooth tires. Sometimes the wheel just has to be replaced, in fact, all four wheels to be safe! I feel like Stan at the end of the Southpark. haha. I am 100% for wheel reinvention, but if you don’t add anything to it that is unique/your own voice in it, to me it just has to be given the cold shoulder. As serious listeners and passionate people about music, I have always thought the responsibility to treadless wheels should be immense. If all listeners did that (impossible, i know, and yes, a matter of taste and forbearance), we would have a hell of a lot less shoulder fodder out there and a clearer field to see the gold and glitter. Jesus, did I smoke something this morning? Shut the fuck up Demonic Brevity, you fucking cunt! Okay, see ya.

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