Grave Miasma – Odori Sepulcrorum

GM_OSI can easily imagine members of Grave Miasma (formerly Goat Molestör) harboring no small amount of annoyance at the increasing number of bands engaging in a ‘cavernous’ brand of black/death, when they have remained hardworking practitioners of this particular Metal trade for well over a decade. However, they need not concern themselves with the weak output of most of their peers. GM’s Odori Sepulcrorum bitch-slaps the wannabes, with actual (gasp!) songs that are the furthest thing from simple-minded, duct-taped riff-refuse. Each track is a memorable journey laden with guitars snaking around one another constantly, meeting as one, then splitting apart in atonal chordings reminiscent of Mayhem’s Ordo Ad Chao, only to then ‘harmonize’ unexpectedly with purely evil fifths and thirds. As a result, Grave Miasma’s own method of riff concatenation never feels lazy, or the result of any ‘happy accidents’. As the album sinks in, layers of original, rotting sonic flesh guitar work will peel back, revealing a death metal depth rarely present amongst the hundreds of albums shat out annually. And that singular, nigh-forgotten aspect in many black/death groups – namely, present and/or decent soloing – strengthens each track often with filthy yet classy phrasing, rather than always being go-to exercises in whammy-bar masturbation. Vocals emanate from behind a burned-out confessional booth, and remain there throughout. Thus, the riffs and drums take the pulpit, intent on burning the brands of memorability onto the brains of Grave Miasma’s imprisoned parishioners. Even the most nubile extreme music fan will sense the immense amount of thought present in the composition, with its mind toward Hell-descent at all times. And if you are new to them, know also that Grave Miasma shares members with the almighty Cruciamentum, a band any self-respecting death-o-phile should seek out, if they haven’t already.

As Odori Sepulcrorum concluded with the fantastic ‘Ossuary’, morphing out and back on itself with near-hidden bits of flutes and other typically non-black/death detritus, that infrequent but welcome eagerness, that ‘knowing’ that I’ve barely shoveled the surface of disturbed earth from an album, had me carrying a listening apparatus to my own “odorous sepulchre”, so eager was I to experience it again, so confident was I that there many more tasty Metal morsels to be had with another spin (too much information? Ah, well). Well done, UK deathsters. Fans of pungent sounds, prepare yourselves. -Jim

Profound Lore Records

~ by cliftonium on September 25, 2013.

7 Responses to “Grave Miasma – Odori Sepulcrorum”

  1. Convince me further Jim. I listened to this several times online, and I can’t quite understand what all the hype is about this album. I know it was written over a course of many years, and hence is “perfected”, but wow, it snoozes me to be honest. Maybe one of those albums I change my mind on next year? I don’t know. Just doesn’t do anything for me.

  2. It’s too early to be sure, but I feel like this is one of those albums that, because it’s more dense and challenging than previous material, is going to take people a while (as in probably years) to really realize what it is. Same thing with the last Necros Christos….

  3. Well, I thoroughly agree on this one. Totally deserving of the praise it’s been getting and a pleasure for my jaded ears.

  4. Perhaps Jake. I’ll refrain and hit this one up again.

  5. Jim – when you say ‘weak output’ of most other cavernous bands, to whom are you referring to? Sorry to put you on the spot, but it if is Portal, Abyssal, AEvangetlist, Temple Nightside, then thems fighting words bra. hahaha.

  6. For every review WG actually does, rest assured we peruse a dozen other albums that don’t even warrant discussion. I’m a fan of all those bands you mentioned in varying degrees (in fact I think I’ve reviewed their latest albums favorably) but trust there are others in the style that I won’t even bother racking my aging brain to recall \m/

  7. ah, so as i suspected, there are a plethora of copy bands. I just haven’t run across them, luckily. Alright, you exited that question quite well Sir. Until next time then. Cherrio.

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