Possession (Belgium) – His Best Deceit (tape)

Possession_His“They were getting read to perform a little of the old in-out…”

After embracing the absolute savagery of this four-song debut demo, I was brought to mind the brutality of that famous quote from that infamous scene in A Clockwork Orange, for what is displayed before us is an unadulterated black/thrash violation of the earlobes, done repeatedly and without mercy. (I suppose I should point out the title of course refers to a different film moment, Pacino’s rant in The Devil’s Advocate, but eh, you probably already knew that). Possession engage the sounds of early ’80s evil as their oeuvre, and while that may not translate to the reinvention of the wheel, that is neither the point, nor is it the whole story to be told for this young band. We have the requisite slow-delay vocals, but the screaming voice cracks with fury and ferocity in equal measure, pontificating their occult agenda with a punk sincerity threatening to escape your speakers like a fuckin’ Heavy Metal home invasion. Moans and howls fly over the maelstrom below, adding a much needed frost to the air above the bleached-bone, histrionic goodness (the closing moments of the title track employ this technique and in so doing, the song is appropriately elevated). We have the blasting snare, the clanging bass, and the mid-range guitars, but all are riddled with that undefinable, potent rage as unstable as orange juice and gasoline next to open flame. And while I still believe that covers, especially on EPs, are often a waste of recorded space, Possession’s coked-up, ‘roid-raging cover of Bestial Devastation-era Sepultura track ‘Necromancer’ fits perfectly within the context of the three original offerings, inspiring me to put that particular Brazilian gem back on the playlist – by way of comparison, rather than condemnation. No small feat. It is also noteworthy, and in many ways surprising, that I feel compelled to get the word out on this new band at all, given that we are continuously sent a hefty smorgasbord of similar, but yawn-inducing attempts to recapture the old school black/thrash power. Or is it? They call themselves ‘Possession’, after all. -Jim

Iron Bonehead Productions

~ by cliftonium on September 25, 2013.

5 Responses to “Possession (Belgium) – His Best Deceit (tape)”

  1. I knew you were going to review this one. I really like the 3 song ‘His Best Deceit’, originally featured on Soundcloud the best. To me, that is a lot stronger than the other 2 songs (which really remind me of old Impaled Nazrene pre-Tol Compt Norz…, cause to me, that is essentially what this sounds like, but with more grit and girth.

  2. is this available in hard copy somewhere? it sounds legit and good.

  3. A bit of a bummer there, just checked the promo info for ya, release date isn’t until November 15 …

  4. thanks. i’m glad it’s coming out in a physical version.

  5. these guys are doing it right this demo is well worth 5 $ if you don’t like it your better off listening to green day .KILL YOURSELF

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