My will, be your will … My words, speak your words …

What promised to be a quiet week for the wormsters erupted somewhat anyway with Marty’s coverage of Marco Banco’s post-Blasphemy band Tyrant’s Blood and the latest from Falkenbach. Though working life delayed Jim’s and Jake’s entries this week, rest assured there will be some interesting reads in place in seven days from both. Satiate yourselves for now with what follows here, as we stress-out trying to decide which vinyl pre-order will empty our bank accounts this week … ah, those pesky ‘first world’ problems … post your playlists and comments puh-lease!

Marty Rytkonen Playlist
New Order – Movement (Such an emotional and completely great album!)
Infera Bruo – Desolate Unknown
Mercyful Fate – Melissa
Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break the Oath (The perfect fall time albums!)
Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem – Ordo ad Chao
Mayhem – A Grand Declaration of War
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – The Lyre of Orpheus
Feast Eternal – Forward Through Blood
Gorguts – Obscura and Colored Sands

Jim Clifton Playlist
Venom – Black Metal
Panopticon/Vestiges – (split)
Panopticon – Kentucky
Vàli – Skoglandskap
Vàli – Forlatt
Inferno – Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness
Summoning – Lugburz
Summoning – Nightshade Forests
Ludicra – …Another Great Love Song
Gorguts – Colored Sands

Jake Moran Playlist
Stitched Vision – Headland
Fearthainne – Knowing
Astral & Shit + Sádon – Imitation of Meditation
United Bible Studies – The Shore That Fears The Sea
The National – Trouble Will Find Me
:Of The Wand & The Moon: – Nighttime Nightrhymes
Raising Holy Sparks – Four Sacred Mountains
Panopticon / Vestiges – Split
Hypothermia – Skogens Hjärta
Plinth – Victorian Machine Music

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6 Responses to “My will, be your will … My words, speak your words …”

  1. A lot of Panopticon love going around. That’s a good thing! Good call on the Nick Cave Lyre of Orpheus album. Nick Cave is definitely a seasonal favorite for me and that is a great album.

    Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart
    Tormentor – Anno Domini
    Agrimonia – Rites of Separation
    Wodensthrone – Curse
    Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess
    Watain – Casus Luciferi
    Obsequiae – Suspended in the Brume of Eos
    Obsequiae – Obsequiae
    Vallendusk – Black Clouds Gathering
    Panopticon – Kentucky
    Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond
    Rivers of Nihil – The Conscious Seed of Light
    Horn – Konflikt
    Twilight of the Gods – Fire on the Mountain
    Candlemass – Nightfall
    Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Nocturnal March
    Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Necrovision
    Death Rides a Horse – Tree of Woe
    Bolt Thrower – …For Victory
    Castevet – Obsian
    Sarke – Aruagint
    Rust – Damned Hellish Voids
    Green Day – American Idiot

  2. Borknagar – Archaic Course
    Trollech – V rachotu hromu (underrated black metal release, great riffs)
    Messer Chups – Church of Reverb
    Melt Banana – Fetch
    Grand Ulena – Gateway to Dignity
    Manilla Road – The Circus Maximus (this one gets alot of hate but it does have some great songs)
    ICS Vortex – Stormseeker
    Entombed – Uprising (Superior is seriously my favorite Entombed song ever!)
    Queensryche – Empire
    Benighted Leams – Astral Tenebrion (whetting my appetite for the new Inquisition with some Pro-Cosmic metal)
    Hidden – Dead Land Energy
    December Wolves – Blasterpiece Theater (awesome riff-monster)

  3. New Order and The National; yes, there’s darkness in non-metallic places. Big fan of the National’s Alligator and Boxer.

    Not much listening time last week (visited Stockholm with my girl) but made some headphone space for these:
    Blood of the Black Owl – A Feral Spirit
    Blood of the Black Owl – A Banishing Ritual
    Blood of the Black Owl – Light the Fires!
    BotBO are new to me and I’m highly impressed! Totally unique, otherworldly music.
    Necropsy – Psychopath Next Door EP
    Purtenance – Awaken from Slumber
    That new Purtenance is indeed fucking HEAVY!

  4. I’m looking forward to that Tyrant’s Blood. Anyway:

    Alchemyst – Nekromanteion
    Nekrofilth – Devil’s Breath
    Abyssous – …Smouldering
    Blodsgard – Monument
    Bölzer – Aura
    Denouncement Pyre – Almighty Arcanum
    Ex Luminaire ‎– Archive I
    Gehenna – Unravel
    Genocide Shrines – Devanation Monumentemples
    Gigan – Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery And Super Science
    Grave Upheaval – (No title)
    Heretic Cult Redeemer – S/T
    Kataklysm – Waiting for the End to Come
    Monolithe – Monolithe IV
    new Mortal Decay
    Necrophobic – Womb of Lilithu
    Nocturnal Graves – …From The Bloodline Of Cain
    Profanatica – Thy Kingdom Cum
    Sepulchral Temple – S/T
    Solekahn – Nightlights
    Temple Nightside – Condemnation
    Throne Of Katarsis – The Three Transcendental Keys
    new Triumph, Genus
    White Medal – Guthmers Hahl

  5. Oooo, playlist in (almost) alphabetical order! Well done sir! 😉

    BTW just followed the link in your name, seems interesting. Will check out the bandcamp site!

  6. They’re almost always in alphabetical order because I just pull the list from my “now listening to” folder. 🙂

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