WAN – Enjoy The Filth

WAN (200x197)Those of you that read my reviews know I’m a sucker for early Celtic Frost/Hellhammer-influenced malevolence. The Swedish freaks comprising WAN bring that exact type of black metal to your earhole’s doorstep, with sounds from the first couple o’ Bathory records on the side, and if you’re okay with a self-awareness similar to latter-day Darkthrone I’ve got some murky Metal for you. Enjoy The Filth slings thirteen cups of salacious Satanism your way using the recipes of old – as in ice-cold production, clangy, distorted bass, and those ever-banging Morbid Tales drums that, when done with sincerity, never tire with this gray-haired rager, especially since Mr. Warrior long ago left punk-infused dirt Metal behind for Doomier pastures. No electronics, no textures, just visceral d-Beat/blast-beat destruct-o-grams killing brain cells like piss-bad corporate America beer. WAN’s flavor is best described as WYSIWYG Metal – all serrated-surface – and well, I love ’em for it. What’s that you ask? Why yes, there is indeed a song called ‘Pentagram Rockers’ and, as the title suggests, it fucking rocks, thank you very much. So only two questions remain: Will you join your ‘Northern Brothers’? Will you obey their admonition to ‘Swing the Hammer’? If you punctuate happy sentences with a Tom G. ‘Ugh!’, you most likely will. Now you may be asking yourself: do song titles and lyrics such as these take much thought at all? No, of course not, but that isn’t the point. That non-elusive mystery, dear reader, reveals itself within the course of each three-minutes-or-less track (fuck the filler) – the point that this is the pure expression of blue-collar black metal. And while WAN check originality at the door (attempts at such probably interfered with acts of drunken, sacrilegious mayhem), if the raw, First Wave style is your cup of tea you won’t mind much; this is simple music made to motivate, not innovate. Besides, you’ll be too busy yelling ‘Storm! Attack! Charge!’ with a middle-finger in the air and a belch rising from your gut to care. -Jim

Carnal Records

The title track can be heard here.

~ by cliftonium on October 23, 2013.

One Response to “WAN – Enjoy The Filth”

  1. hehehe. funny review. this album is good!

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