Dirge – Hyperion

dirge“Neurotic Post-Core”… if that means heavily influenced by early Godflesh and Pitchshifter, then sure… Neurotic Post-Core it is! I do have a deep respect and appreciation for those early indeathstrial meets convoluted metal albums (I admittedly don’t listen to them as often as I used to), but thankfully for Dirge, they are so much more than a clone band, for the depth and darkness found within this plodding hulk of a sound brings in a creative feel and canvas that hints at a minor Neurosis influence. The music at times almost feels suffocating with those deeply tuned guitars and infinitely thick tone, so the endless crawl clamps an oppressive sense of hopelessness upon you as Hyperion unfolds. With what sounds like real drums opening up a very organic sound canvas for samples, programming and other experimental elements to drift in and out of Dirge’s behemoth core, a lot of artistic impact is created without becoming too overbearing in the mix. Throaty/shouted/heavily delayed vocals do ease up on the attack periodically for brief periods of clean singing and even the occasional female vocal touch to offer a glimpse of light in the unending dark. It doesn’t last long as the tidal wave of downtrodden woe caves back in around you with bleak harmonies that creep over the power chord foundations to snap you out of the dazed spell so effortlessly cast by this French quintet.

Hyperion is a dense monster of an album and though their influences are indeed apparent, Dirge have created something far more moving and powerful than Godflesh ever did. I know… now you want to fight me. That’s ok. I may not be in the mood for something this emotionally hopeless often, but this album has been a mighty introduction into a crushing world that isn’t afraid to blur the lines between metal, industrial, old weird hardcore and whatever else they can dredge up. With 5 other full-lengths in this bands back catalog, it’s going to be interesting to hear where they came from and how they have evolved. -Marty
Debemur Morti Productions

~ by martyworm on February 19, 2014.

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