Beast Within – Adversity/Servitude 7”

beast withinBeast Within is a Canadian supergroup so to speak consisting of members of Akitsa, Blackwind, The Syre and Utlagr on a quest to shamelessly emulate their idols. Namely Celtic Frost. Both the tracks on this 7” are what sounds like a direct musical descendent of Mr. Warrior with plodding/catchy power grooves and a dark presence that works, but trust me, you’ve heard every riff in both of these tracks before. A pitch/clean/shouted vocal style is strained over the top and at every transition my brain puts in a phantom “OOOWWWAAAHH”. I can’t hate this for Beast Within are tampering with a tested and eternally true formula, but really… I’d much rather be listening to Morbid Tales right now. This is one for the collectors. -Marty

Limited to 500 copies.

43 grams vinyl
3mm spine jacket
Printed innersleeve

Available in
– “Die-Hard”, Blood Red vinyl (100 copies)
– Milky Clear vinyl (200 copies)
– Regular Black vinyl (200 copies)

~ by martyworm on February 19, 2014.

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