Slowly corroding your fortified norm

You’d think with the titan amounts of snow and general hermit lifestyle one tends to live in the North country this time of year, we’d have a lot more time for all things Worm Gear. Huh. You’d think that for sure. As it stands, other great things are also happening to eat up ones free time, mainly for me, family and Bindrune Recordings. Speaking of which, many thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered the Falls of Rauros/Panopticon split 12″! It means a lot!

But for this week, Jim and I have returned with 4 more reviews for you to ponder. We’re not writing novels here, BUT we are dedicated to weekly updates and want to have something for you guys. We’re on the cusp of adding another writer as Jake has been super busy with a new job and other creative writing endeavors, but he will sneak in once in a while when time and muse strikes. So will Zahler of course! But we are still grinding on and must thank all of you for taking the time to drop in on us weekly.

Till next time… new albums impending from Triptykon and Mayhem with new tracks floating around on the net. So many new titles coming to be excited for!! Have you heard the aforementioned artists songs? Thoughts? What are you excited for musically in 2014? We want to know!  -Marty

Marty Rytkonen Playlist
Saor – Aura (Advance tracks)
Brimstone Coven – S/T
Burzum – Det Som Engang Var
Burzum – From the Depths of Darkness
Ulver – Nattens Madrigal
Ulver – Bergtatt
Ulver – Vargnatt Demo
Varathron – Stygian Forces of Scorn
Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones
Darkthrone – Hate Them

Jim Clifton Playlist
Black Flag – In My Head
Nebelung – Palingenesis
Exhumation – Hymn to your God
Burzum – s/t
Burzum – Aske
Burzum – From the Depths of Darkness
Brimstone Coven – s/t
Graveland – Immortal Pride
Fear – More Beer
Misfits – Legacy of Brutality
…and a random sampling of Blaze Foley songs and Delta blues artists.

~ by martyworm on February 19, 2014.

32 Responses to “Slowly corroding your fortified norm”

  1. I’m impressed by the new Mayhem song.

  2. TRIPTYKON – You bet your ass that is going to be my most anticipated release of the year. Bought the 7″ and really hoping this tops the last release.

    MAYHEM died with Varg shanked Euroanus. End of fucking Story.


    Murmur – S/T (this album is fantastic)
    Shroud of the Heretic – Revelations in Alchemy
    Reverend Bizarre – Crush the Insects
    Yngwie Malm/Rising Force – Marching Out (I like the guits were they are Zahler. But know what ya mean! )
    Dead Empires – Waiting in Waves
    Sol Negro – Dawn of the Red Sun
    Eaten – Depraved
    Bulldozer – IX
    Grave Miasma – Odori Sepulcrorum
    Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis
    Decapitated – Winds of Creation
    Swallowed – S/T EP

  3. That Rauhnåcht sounds pretty interesting. I’ll have to check that out when it’s out. Yeah Triptykon is up there on my list of anticipated albums. I’ll give that new Mayhem a shot as well.

    Woods of Desolation – As The Stars
    Demoncy – Joined in Darkness
    Nasheim – Solens Vemod
    Samael – Passage
    Chuck Ragan – Covering Ground
    Trial – The Primordial Temple
    Thunderwar – The Birth of Thunder
    Kriegsmaschine – Enemy of Man
    Manegarm – Havets Vargar
    Mania – Revel
    Darkestrah – Manas
    Vermod – Venter på stormene
    Woods of Desolation – As The Stars
    Necrovation – Insurrection
    Craft – Fuck the Universe
    Livsnekad – Den sociala vanförheten
    Oak Pantheon/Amiensus – Gathering Split
    Luciferion – The Apostate

  4. I generally agree with what Scarlet P writes, but today…

    Wolf’s Lair Abyss is a masterpiece, and I almost never use that word. Savage and intensely evil—a tightly wound manifesto of shifting and whorling obliteration that spawned entire bands like 1349 and Keep of Kalessin.

    For me…

    Wolf’s Lair Abyss > all of the best moments from entire Mayhem catalogue prior to that release.


    Songs like ‘Funeral Fog’ are fun, and have a pretty decent mood (though not as rich as Burzum or Emperor in this regard), but it’s hard to even put a song like Funeral Fog in the same sentence as sterling constructions like “Symbols and Bloodswords’ and ‘I Am Thy Labyrinth.’ These two tunes are deadly demon math that will shatter and reorganize your mind. They are the amongst the most concretely evil songs I’ve heard.

    I do agree that this Mayhem is not at all the “Euronymous Mayhem” at all and maybe should have been called something else after Euronymous died, since the Blasphemer era is so different.

    Grand Declaration of War and Chimera are also loaded with alien razor riffs, gorgeous layering and sterling arrangements. This is how to build excitement through overdubs and playing. Yeah, the drums are too digital, and Maniac gets whacky in a couple of parts, but the performances and music and details are outstanding. Overall, Blasphemer-era Mayhem is a plateau with no real peers in metal, excepting some Keep of Kalessin (esp. the Reclaim EP) and 1349 (esp. Hellfire & Beyond the Apocalypse).

    All three of these Mayhem releases are in my all time top 50 albums—and I’m guessing I’ve heard about 9,000 albums in my life.

  5. …and the new Mayhem song—like Ordo Ad Chao—is really terribly mixed. Vocals should not be this much louder than the music unless it’s a pop song— it kills the atmosphere and makes the music/band seem “small.”

    The song itself—what I can hear of it—sounds decent and more like the Blasphemer stuff than I was expecting, though lacking the alien logic and compelling rhythms of that genius.

  6. Coffins – Buried Death
    Coffins – The Fleshland
    Gridlink – Longhena
    Black Majesty – Baphe Metis demo
    Blut Aus Nord – Debemur MoRTi EP
    Coffinworm – IV.I.VIII
    Slough Feg – all
    Sarcolytic – Thee Arcane Progeny
    Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian
    Images Of Violence – Revenants
    Indian – From All Purity
    new Thou
    Lvcifyre – Svn Eater
    Morbus Chron – Sweven
    Sadistik Exekution – all
    Seance – Fornever Laid To Rest
    Teitanblood – Woven Black Arteries

  7. Oh…and regarding Mayhem: for me there are simply different periods/incarnations of the band and all of them have put out something worth listening to, I believe. I liked the new song too.

  8. I have given later Mayhem an honest try, believe me. Even if I liked it (which I don’t), I would have still thought it should be called another band name. I think Rune gave it his best shot on ‘Wolf..’ but it doesn’t stand up to De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Not by a long shot. It sounded irrelevant to me at the time of release. Just more fodder coming out. Then the following release sounded awful to me, and so forth… This idea they must reinvent themselves for every album is too contrived; and you can hear that contrived notion in the music–it’s forced and doesn’t carry a natural progression/sound to it. I’ll check out this new one for shits and giggles. Maybe I’ll like it. Ever can tell, right Jack?

  9. So at least 50% of my music listening time this last week was spent listening to Immolation and Incantation. It seems as if my music listening as of late has been running in themes. Lots of DM.

    Incantation – Onward to Golgotha
    Incanation – Diabolical Conquest
    Incantation – The Infernal Storm
    Immolation – Dawn of Possession
    Immolation – Shadows in the Light
    Immolation – Majesty and Decay
    Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy
    Ehumation – Hymn to Your God
    Carcass – Surgical Steel
    Seance – Saltrubbed Eyes
    Ashes of Ares – S/T

  10. Personally I never got into Mayhem at any point in their career as much as so many other people have. I have and enjoy De Mysteriis, but always preferred Burzum, Emperor, Darkthrone over Mayhem’s material. I appreciate their music and of course their influence on BM is huge, but their music never completely grabbed me for whatever reason. That being said I may need to revisit their catalog because it has been forever since I have listened to any of their stuff and there is much of their stuff I have not even heard.. Oh, and I saw Keep of Kalessin’s “Reclaim” mentioned…that is a great ep.

    As far as anticipating releases for 2014…I don’t even know what is scheduled to be released this year, so I can’t say I am really anticipating anything at this point. I would like to hear the new Triptykon for sure. Does anyone know of any other notable releases scheduled to be released this year? Then I can tell you if I am anticipating them or not haha.

  11. I’ve enjoyed every Mayhem release in varying degrees except the last one which sounded like they were drowning in a pit full of raw sludge. Chimera was a great album, but when I find myself craving Mayhem I’ll play DMDS, mostly because of Atilla’s charismatic vocal performance. The new song sounded decent…reminded me a bit of the opener Whore off of Chimera. Out of curiosity checked out the new guitarists old band Nidingr, and found them to be fantastic, especially their album “Sorrow, Infinite and Darkness”
    Stone – Emotional Playground
    Trust – Joyland
    Nidingr – Sorrow Infinite & Darkness
    Myrkskog – Superior Massacre
    Confessor – Condemned
    Artificial Brain – Labyrinth Constellation
    Das EFx – Dead Serious
    Shaman Brain – Demo ’92
    Uranium Orchard – Unchurched Shithead
    Mutaccion Genetica – Carnifuria Cosmica
    Anael – Wings of Mercury
    GZA – Liquid Swords
    Anacrusis – Manic Impressions
    Abigor – Satanized
    Psychotogen – The Calculus of Evil

  12. Will check out Nidingr – Sorrow Infinite & Darkness.

    As for things to look forward to…
    Behemoth’s The Satanist is superb. As inspired, earnest and well-crafted as the new Iced Earth is forced, macho, and tired. I think it’s their best ever (though the production is a bit clogged), and the riffs are certainly the most varied since Satanica. And special surprise…audible bass guitar!
    An adventurous release that I already like better than every metal album from 2013, excepting The Underground Resistance. Not sure what might beat it…

  13. Joe…it makes me happy to see albums like Liquid Swords on ssomeone’s playlist on an underground metal page. Definitely bucks the metal stereotype and means your not worried about being the most “kvlt and metal” internet persona on the webpage. That is actually a pretty classic rap album.

    Zahler…I will check out that Behemoth album for sure. Sounds like it is pretty good based on your desciption. It has been so long since I have heard a new release from them it would be interesting to hear how they sound today. Definitely on my short list of albums to check out.

    Marty and Jim…I checked out Brimstone Coven since I have not heard of them before and they were on both of your playlists. I really didn’t know what to expect, but for some reason I was thinking it was going to be black metal. So I was very surprised when it turned out to be some pretty killer Pentagram influenced stoner rock. I really dig their laid back catchy style and while they are influenced by Pentagram I wouldn’t say that they are clones by any means. I listened to both the S/T and “II” on their bandcamp page liked both very much. It was a nice change of pace listen from the norm and I can now chalk up yet another band I have been turned onto by this page.

  14. @Joe

    Thanks for mentioning the Trust! TRST was one of my favorite albums from 2012, didn’t know he had a new one coming.

  15. Ah, more anticipated releases after I had time to consciously about it:

    Bolzer – ‘Soma’ Ep 2014 March !
    Krypts new album
    Incantation (maybe this year, i really liked the last one a lot.)
    Binah 7″ EP
    Desolate Shrine (i doubt is coming this year, but said it was)

    Death, Death, and more fucking Death! ahhhhhgrggg…

  16. Shit, Vallenfyre ‘Splinters’ too!

  17. Shawn – what are some of your favorite Incantation albums? I have Onward..,Diabolical, Mortal Throne, and the the last one. Never dug any further cause well, i figure they are more of the same?

  18. Patrick,

    You never dug further because you thought they would be more of the same? I thought that would be a good reason to dig further haha. The albums you listed are probably my favorites, including Vanquish In Vengeance which I thought was a great album especially for 20 or so years into their career. The only other albums besides those that I have is The Infernal Storm and Decimate Christendom which I think are both quality death metal albums. If you are looking for an Incantation album that is better or on par with Onward or Mortal Throne, you probably won’t find it with those albums. However, if you really enjoy listening to Incantation and want to hear something by them you haven’t heard yet, then I would say check those two albums out. I need to get around checking out the albums that I do not have yet. Someone else here can probably speak with greater authority on the issue than I can.

    As far as your anticipated albums…I am definitely looking forward to the new Incantation, especially after Vanquish. Hopefully that is in the works. I didn’t know Bolzer had a new ep out in March. Definitely looking forward to that one and curious to see how they can follow up on Aura.

  19. Hmm, maybe I should have said I figured the other albums wouldn’t be as good or better based on what little have I seen, read and heard. Diabolical seems like it hits peak, and just felt that it wouldn’t get better. I think I’ll pass on the others and wait for the new one. Vanquish is an excellent album. I like John’s vocals quite a bit.

  20. Diabolical Conquest was a great album and the first Incantation album I picked up back around when it came out. I thought Daniel Corchado’s vocals gave the album a more maniacal sound with the way he can alternate guttural style with higher pitched screams. It was also around this time that I discovered The Chasm with Deathcult for Eternity. Mid-late 90’s was a fun time for extreme metal for me.

  21. YEs, the drumming and Daniel’s vocals make it the most evil Incantation album I have ever heard. I love the production on it too. It is the best of their works IMO.

  22. UA, what do you think of the new Thou? I generally like their material. Also, I stumbled across your Manes review on metal-archives the other day; excellent work! I really need to get a hold of that record \m/

  23. 2014 Bolzer / Krypts / Incantation / Binah / Desolate Shrine releases?
    Fuck yes on all of those, my friend \m/

  24. It means alot to hear that, Shawn! That’s what this site is all about, to create an intelligent community in which to discuss and share in the discovery of music! I appreciate the suggestions/comments/playlists you’ve given here as well; their will always be more for me to learn, and you all aid greatly in my edification (and growth as a reviewer and fan) \m/
    And absolutely, Brimstone Coven is indeed incredibly great stuff; another band that the bassist/drummer from Nechochwen spends quality time in 🙂

  25. I’m glad you guys are going back and forth about death metal because I’ve been back on it for the past few days. And now I don’t feel so stupid for replying six days after the OP.

    NP: CENOTAPH — Riding Our Black Oceans
    GOREFEST — Mindloss
    VORE — Gravehammer (fucking awesome)
    PENTACLE — The Fifth Moon
    PESSIMIST — Cult of the Initiated (I bought this at a show on a print-version Worm Gear recommendation at the time of the original release. Ridiculous that I remember that and even crazier to think of the time past since then. Thanks Marty!)
    TORCHURE — Beyond the Veil
    AGENT STEEL — All through Order of the Illuminati
    THE CHASM — Reaching the Veil of Death
    SORORICIDE — The Entity


  26. Jim, glad I am able to make some minor contribution to the conversations here. And I wasn’t aware of the Nechochwen/Brimstone connection…good to know!

    Neil, I like the Agent Steel on your playlist. They are one of my favorite bands. I have been listening to Unstoppable Force a lot this week myself. I got to see them live back in 2005. That was a good show!

  27. No… thank you Neil!! Your longstanding support is greatly appreciated. I’m hoping to make it over there this year…. will be great to hang again!

    And for Pessimist…. cripes…. haven’t thought about them for years and years!

    Agent Steel…. the debut still sends shivers down my spine. BLEED FOR THE GOOOOOODDDDSSSS!!!!

  28. Incantation…

    Also good is Mortal Throne of Nazarene, although the mix was a bit questionable. Songs were a bit more complex than the debut, but Pillard’s vocals are crushing. Another one to check out is The Infernal Storm. Had the old vocalist/guitarist from Deathrune on it. Good songs and vocal performance. He was jumped and stabbed…. It kinda fucked him up and he left the band.

    But for me, Corchado is the man. He took great songs on Diabolical Conquest and made them amazing. I interviewed him during that era…. he said he really went for it/killed himself on that performance. It shows. My hands down fave Incantation album with Onward to Golgotha right behind it. Classic for sure.

    When John took over the vocal duties, it made perfect sense, but I’ve never loved his performance. He has a higher register speaking voice, so it always sounded like he was really straining to hit the lows needed to work for this band. It finally started coming together on Vanquished in Vengeance though. That seemed like a really inspired album.

    The Chasm…. fucking great/weird/mystical/metal to the core metal of death. Procession to the Infraworld was always my favorite, but all of them are unique and great. I’ve seen them many times over the years. Probably one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live. no joke!

    Mayhem… DMdS for me. Such an authentic/groundbreaking vibe. and for the time, Atilla’s vocals were so insane. I also thing Ordo ad Chao is right up there. Rune’s riffs were bonkers. I was never a huge fan of Maniac’s vocals, but enjoy the abrasion of Wolf’s Lair Abyss and finally “get” A Grand Declaration of War. I fondly recall the endless attempts of Zahler and Wagner trying to convince me of that albums greatness. Yeah… you win S!!!

  29. Neil, really enjoyed reading your Slough Feg review @ – I’ve never actually pulled the trigger on a purchase, but I feel the time is right; what album do you think is a good place to start with them?
    Also, does Into The Void ship, or in-store purchase only? All about spreading the support around.

  30. Thanks Jim!

    So far I’m really enjoying Atavism a lot from the “later” period, and Traveller from the “Lord Weird” period. That said, they are extremely consistent and I think one can drop in almost anywhere and get the idea. Metal Blade has a nice, affordable box set of albums two through four if you want to dive headfirst. Everything else, save the first (S/T) disc, is readily available otherwise.

    Despite liking the new one, I recommend waiting on it until you’ve gotten used to their quirks. Two weeks after that review I still catch myself thinking about it constantly between listens.

    Unfortunately Into the Void does not ship. The owner Shane doesn’t feel it’s worth the competition online, so it’s back to basics with the brick-and-mortar stuff exclusively, which is obviously fun for its own sake. Much appreciated on the offer of support. I’ll definitely buy you a beer and maybe we can dig further into some Slough Feg should the opportunity arise.


  31. Down Among the Deadmen and Traveller are my 2 favorites from them. Such great and rich riffs with MOVEMENT! I honestly lost track with their evolution after that.

  32. To my ears the THIN LIZZYisms and folk both became more prevalent. Still recognizably the same band, without question.

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