LVTHN – Adversarialism (demo)

LVTHN_Adv (200x200)Screaming out from Belgium comes a two-track black metal menace that has me wishing our Eihwaz Recordings put out unrelenting, occult black metal. Other than the band’s name, whereabouts, and their demo’s title, I have no other information, but no matter; what’s important is that when you press play on track ‘Opposed by the Nameless’, you’ll hear a cacophonous construct tailored with thick rage and lung-shredding shrieks that will either convert the curious to LVTHN’s unlighted path or leave any unbelieving bodies in ashes. On this song in particular, the repeated dissonance pulses outward from the guitars in a way that would make the late Piggy (yes, from Voivod) proud, though the bleeding larynx of the vocalist would probably not be that great guitarist’s cup of tea. It is my cup of tea, however, and will be yours too, if an occasional black metal ravage of the ear canal has an attraction for you. Beneath the urgent invocations, blasts, and guitar-saturated mix, the bass slithers about, bending and sliding about like a poisonous viper, adding an extra element of evil to the proliferation of devilry demonstrated. And don’t worry you’ll have no time to breathe – each of the two songs do have that preeminent half-time tempo change, giving one just enough time to refill his or her chalice with a mind-bending beverage of choice, albeit not too long before the searing onslaught continues.

Sadly the cassette version of this release has sold out, but enjoy what you hear on bandcamp. Hopefully we’ll hear more from LVTHN soon, as traditional, solid new black metal is always a welcome addition to our beloved pantheon – Jim


~ by cliftonium on February 26, 2014.

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