Satanic Dystopia – Double Denim Shotgun Massacre Cassette

satanic dystopia coverManchester, England’s Satanic Dystopia are a definite product of their musical environmental history which focuses mainly on crusty punk/hardcore tinged death metal. The overall crust flaking force in their sound may hint at grind, but there isn’t a single blast beat to be found on this 8 track cassette featuring an oversized case so that it won’t get lost in your collection. In fact, as I listen to this release (it spent some time in my vehicle as it is good driving music), I hear a slicker, more filled out and straight forward bastard child of the bands Doom and Prophecy of Doom, though the later band is much more vital and inventive to these ears. Satanic Dystopia has the haggard yell/screaming style, the unencumbered punk infused metal riffs, full guitar tone, pushing D-beat and open power rhythms to keep the listener interested even though there isn’t anything new or notably fresh on display musically. Still, I have spun this tape a good dozen times and can appreciate the delivery and conviction spun at the core of this band in spite of the eventual lack of staying power Double Denim Shotgun Massacre will have in the Rytkonen playlist. -Marty
No Visible Scars

~ by martyworm on February 26, 2014.

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