Shackles for a Crown – S/T Demo

shackles for a crownDark and polluted black metal that sets an imaginative soundscape by way of drifting layers and ugly harmonies built for summoning torment in the listener. There is a definite 1 man project feel about this material as the programmed drums and occasional Xasthur vibe does seep into the equation, but for the most part, Shackles for a Crown strike me as rather unique in their songwriting style even though the vocals do remind me of a more troubled Cronos. The overall production is the main thing holding this material back. I really enjoy the layering and atypical guitar lines that meld into spacious harmonies, but the wavering sound field can be overly oppressive when the songs rage with blasting tempos. Things tend to fall together sonically in a muddled stew which can allow for a nightmarish vibe to emerge, but I found it to be more detrimental to the obviously well crafted 3 songs making up this cassette/digital download. I’m not calling for a pristine production here, just a little more separation between the layers and a guitar tone that doesn’t resemble a blown speaker. Shackles for a Crown have tested the waters with this material and even though it still has an “in the early stages of development” vibe, I cannot deny the raw primordial spirit lashing out from this demo. There is a spark here. Interested to hear what follows. -Marty

~ by martyworm on February 26, 2014.

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