Deathrow – The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening

deathrowWell written blackness with a black n’ roll punch from this one man hell slinger. The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening benefits from a solid/full/clean production allowing every instrument to be heard and it is admirable that Thorns is confident enough in his songwriting skills to choose not to cloak every crevice of this recording with caustic distortion. If the drums are synthetic, they are produced and programmed perfectly. The guitars pulse with a full tone. A hint of plodding/follow the guitars verbatim bass peeks out of this mix as well. This being my first experience with this project, I must say that I like what I hear, though it is a seriously derivative take on a style that you have heard many times before. If I was sporting a healthy beer buzz right now, air guitar and some minor head bangs may arise from my listening session, but stone cold sober I’m likely to skip over Deathrow as something I was thankful to have heard, but I likely wouldn’t hunt down other titles in this projects back catalog. Fun fact… sole member Thorns has also spent some time in Hobbs’ Angel of Death (live), Benighted in Sodom, Glorior Belli, Enthroned (live), Ad Hominem plus countless others. Busy little bee indeed! -Marty
Folter Records

~ by martyworm on April 30, 2014.

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