Touch – the flesh, it is so cold…

Welcome to the last day of April and warmer temps!  As we wade through click-bait Inquisition slags and the ignorance of mankind in general, luckily musicians still grace us with music and minds of weight.  Case in point: Spectral Lore’s latest III, a sprawling release that will give you confidence metal can continue on a highly intellectual (and spiritual) level.  Marty reviewed four other black metal albums, wishing he was listening to Manilla Road all the while.  Jake contributed by writing a playlist on the spot, sipping beer and most importantly – introducing Marty and I to Xibalba – Ah Dzam Poop Ek.  That’s right: Poop Ek.

Post, comment, playlist!

Jim Clifton Playlist
Death – Leprosy LP Reissue
Trist – Zrcadlení Melancholie
Spectral Lore – III
Seidr – Ginnungagap
Panopticon/Falls of Rauros split LP
Lustre  – Glimpse of Glory / Wonder
Crown of Asteria – Cycles
Heavydeath –  Demo I (Post Mortem in Aeternum Tenebrarum) cassette
Cauchemar – Tenebrario
Cormorant – Earth Diver

Marty Rytkonen Playlist
Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
Inquisition – Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
Slough Feg – Digital Resistance
Iced Earth – Plagues of Babylon
Manilla Road – Spiral Castle
Manilla Road – The Deluge
Manilla Road – Mysterium
Infirmary / Aetherium Mors – Split CD
Panopticon – Roads to the North
Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars

Jake Moran Playlist
Seidr – For Winter Fire
Grouper / Roy Montgomery
Roy Montgomery – 324 E. 13th Street #7
Skogen – Svitjod
Dead Moon – Unknown Passage
Xibalba – Ah Dzam Poop Ek
Wye Oak – Civilian
Mirrorring – Foreign Body
Grouper / Pumice – Split
Fall Of The Leafe – Evanescent, Everfading


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17 Responses to “Touch – the flesh, it is so cold…”

  1. All hail the POOP EK!
    Now I need to dig into my collection and unearth my Xibalba albums. It has been years!

    Indeed, Marty, Norse is an ‘odd’ one. There are certainly aspects to grab onto and appreciate, but it just doesn’t sit well as a whole. I’m actually digging the Silently Awake track that I heard on youtube … other tracks, not so much.
    Interesting listen.

    Awesome sprawling take on the upcoming Spectal Lore, Jim. Having only heard snippets so far, I appreciate your fleshed out review. Thanks for that. Having enjoyed all their previous output, I had planned on purchasing III upon its release. Now I have absolutely no reservations. I, Voidhanger has been on a very solid streak lately with Howls of Ebb, Blizaro, Bloodway, etc …

    Playlist so far this week:

    Grond – Winterkrieger
    I know everyone is surely already familiar with this one; but I dug it out recently, and was glad to find that I still really enjoy it. From the 3:10 mark … I am reminded of what a great thing ‘simple and effective’ can be. 4:26 hits the closing stride, and 5:00 brings it home. Even the programmed drums can be forgiven due to the spirit employed.

    I always enjoy Thayer Cabin. Nice, rough rehearsal track:

    Deaf Dealer – Journey Into Fear (Maiden worship, I suppose; but I have always really dug this band.)

    In Gowan Ring – Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home

    A question for all you fine folks:
    If one were going to be in Italy, what must one do?

  2. Zahler Playlist
    Nulcearhammer’s new one.
    High Spirits You Are Here
    Isley Brother Between the Sheets
    Six Feet Under Unborn
    Jackie Mclean Destination Out!
    Goblin Contamination
    ZZ Top Deguello
    Trespass Works Vol II


    Italy: POMPEII is the #1 best site I have ever visited anywhere in the world. Take a guided tour and spend a day there— it is a journey back in time like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Worth a trip for that alone.

    The Coliseum is great. Especially the arena “floor.”

    I recommend hiring a guide for Rome, since their is so much history everywhere. The Forum is essential, but sprawling and better with a guide.

    The Vatican is fascinating, especially if you go underground to the Scavi and look at St. Peter’s bone.

    Rome— the Jewish Italian ghetto food (Piperno & Pompere) was the best I had there or in Florence or anywhere else in Italy. It is one of the oldest Italian cuisines, maybe the oldest, dating back from when Jewish slaves built the Coliseum. Both of those restaurants are far better than the super expensive *** Michelin rated La Pergola and things like that. (I worked as a chef for years and am picky, but often find blue collar trumps black tie…)

    Naples — go to Michele’s pizza, the classic for Neopolitan style. Close to Pompeii and can be done in the same day. Roman pizza is not so hot—essentially cheese crackers.

    Florence has a great vibe for hanging out and nice outside statuary. The Statue of David did not stagger me like a lot of the stuff in Rome, but most people shit themselves over it. The museum there is loaded with good stuff, though expect roughly ten million baby Jesuses.

    Gondola in Venice is fun, albeit a bit ripe and certainly cliched, but do it anyway. Some gaudy churches there offer plenty bright colors, though overall, spend more time in other places.

  3. Not familiar with Spectral Lore at all, but from this review it sounds right up my street.

    Italy? Lake Como is beautiful, spent a happy two weeks there walking, hopping from town to town on the ferry and eating glorious, very fresh fish.

    My playlist this week:
    Megiddo ‘The Devil & the Whore’
    Flight of Sleipnir ‘Essence of Nine’
    David Crosby ‘If Only I Could Remember My Name’
    Craven Idol ‘Towards Eschaton’
    Taake ‘Noregs Vaapen’
    Lvcifyre ‘Svn Eater’
    Wovenhand ‘Refractory Obdurate’
    Sorcier des Glaces ‘Ritual of the End’
    Aluk Todolo ‘Occult Rock’
    Darkestrah ‘Epos’
    Gris/Sombres Forets ‘Miserere Luminis’
    Bretwaldas ‘Battle Staffs in the Mushroom Woods’
    Csejthe ‘Reminiscence’
    Damh the Bard ‘Antlered Crown and Standing Stone’
    Celeste ‘Animale(s)’

  4. I’d absolutely try to make it to La Specola in Florence
    One of the most amazing experiences I had while in Italy was going to New Year’s Day mass at St. Peters. When the basilica is overfilled with people singing its truly overwhelming…you can see how people could become religious when experiencing something like that. Of course I had to listen to some black metal right afterwards to knock some sense into me haha.

    Arnold Veeman – all
    Joyless – Without Support
    Watchtower – Control & Resistance
    Choronzon – Magog Agog
    Kataklysm – Temple of Knowledge
    Samson – Head On
    Bruce Dickinson – Balls to Picasso
    Various – Kausing a Kommotion
    Mindly Rotten – all
    Arakain – Thrash the Trash
    Dreams of the Drowned – s/t

  5. I was in Rome for a couple of days once just sort of doing all the touristy things. It’s a pretty incredible city and the catacombs are something that needs to be seen.

    Winter of Sin – Violence Reigns Supreme
    Salem’s Pot – Lurar ut dig pa prarien
    Portrait – Crossroads
    Dead Congregation – Graves of the Archangels
    High Spirits – You Are Here
    Eldjudnir – Angrboða
    Miasmal – Cursed Redeemer
    Autopsy – Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
    Ifing – Against This Weald
    Vemod – Venter på stormene
    Borknagar – The Olden Domain
    Old Graves – Like Straining Boughs
    The Great Old Ones – Tekeli-Li
    Noneuclid – Metatheosis
    Occultist – Death Sigils
    A Pregnant Light – Before I Came
    Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage
    Noisem/Occultist – Split EP

  6. Hey all,

    Apparently I am in the minority here that has not been or is not going to Italy. Lucky bastards!

    I purchased the new Spectral Lore a couple nights ago and have to say that it is a magnificent work of art as Jim and Patrick have already stated here. I too would have to recommend this album to pretty much everyone who is a fan of this page. I really like the two instrumental tracks Drifting Through Moss and Ancient Stone and Cosmic Significance, which I feel further adds to the depth of this album. This album is very inspiring.


    Spectral Lore – III
    Lord Mantis – Death Mask
    Forgotten Tomb – Darkness in Stereo: Eine Symphonie des Todes – Live Germany
    Running Wild – Death or Glory
    Trouble – Psalm 9
    Dying Fetus – Killing on Adrenaline
    Gamma Ray – Empire of the Undead
    King Diamond – The Eye
    Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

  7. Unaerth,

    That was my first time listening to Deaf Dealer and have to say I enjoyed the track. I will have to check out more of their stuff. I’m a pretty big fan of power metal and/or metal with clean singing so let me know if you know of anymore obscure or overlooked bands in that vein.

  8. Thanks for the feedback, Everyone, I appreciate it. I think I agree with you, Zahler, about the ‘food’. What I find most enjoyable is usually super fresh, local, and ‘rustic’. Complexity in simplicity is usually the name of the game for me. Thanks for the recommendations!

    I am glad that I was able to bring something new and enjoyable to the table for you. I enjoy both Deaf Dealer releases quite a bit. Unfortunately, the band never really got the recognition or ‘official releases’ that the material possibly warranted. I must admit that I am no expert in this sub-genre. As I have mentioned in the past, in terms of metal, I naturally gravitated towards and focused on bm for most of my life. Over the years I incorporated and caught up on dm and its myriad gems. I am currently in a similar cycle with enjoying and unearthing ‘heavy/doom/epic/power’ bands, etc. You are likely more well versed in this area if it is your initial and natural inclination. That being said, it would be extremely appreciated if you would keep me in mind … and let me know what gems you think highly of. At very least, it is my pleasure to share a small list of some of the other things ‘with cleans’ that I have been enjoying lately.
    Most are likely well-known to you, so please excuse any redundancy:
    Eternal Champion – Last King of Pictdom
    Wytch Hazel – The Truth
    Scarab – Rolling Like Thunder
    Demon Eye – Leave the Light
    Black Magic – Wizard’s Spell
    Amulet – Cut the Crap
    Omega – The Prophet
    Deaf Dealer – Journey Into Fear
    Deaf Dealer – Keeper of the Flame
    Ravensire – all
    Argus – all
    Coven – Worship New Gods
    Death Dealer – Coercion to Kill
    Ritual – Widow
    Ritual – Valley of the Kings
    Dragonslayer – ST (thanks again, Zahler, for the previous few)
    Regime – Demo 1991 + 3
    Nightbitch – Sex and Magic
    Medieval Steel – all
    Virtue – We Stand to Fight
    The Hand of Doom – Poisonoise
    Jotenheim – ST
    Lords of the Crimson Alliance
    Wrathblade – all
    Big Daisy – ST
    Bleak House
    Run After To
    Sinister Realm – first two albums
    Grudge – Barbarians of the New Earth
    It has gotten mixed reviews, but you might enjoy the new Noble Beast album. At bit too much vocal cheese for me at time, but I enjoy the metal. Just ignore the ‘Land Before Time’ cover art. Ha!
    Also be sure to catch the Jewels of Gwahlur series being put out by Stormspell Records: Vigilance, Gladius, Terminus, Wildhunt, and I particularly like Graven Rite.
    Sorry to ramble so much!
    Hails to all!

  9. Greetings dear gentlemen of Worm Gear! I thought I’d join the discussion after some time of regularly reading the zine and discovering some excellent stuff, either coming from the reviews or playlists that you people share. Some of the stuff I’m spinning lately; I won’t that I am in a total epic/folk/d&d geek phase lately.

    Saor – Advance tracks Aura and Children of the Mist from their upcoming full length. Especially Aura is a masterpiece, listened to it over 15 times since it was released some days ago.
    Skaur – Nordnorsk Svartmetall: Best composed epic folk black metal since many years now. They have adapted the Taake formula (a total one time hit, one time miss band) and are slowly perfecting it, the 2min excerpt from the upcoming ep is also top-notch. As with Saor, I have a problem with this band though, the Darker than Black connection. In general, it has been pissing me a lot lately that a large part of the new music I like is made by hardcore (?) nationalists, who find no problem with nazi connections. Can’t metalheads find spiritual inspiration for epic music without feelings of ownership and dominion? Like..
    Iffing – Against this Weald: Thanks to you guys. The band is a bit too close to Moonsorrow – I’d like them see develop a more personal approach. But the spirit if definitely there, and in huge amounts. Going to buy this album, I’m curious about the lyrics too. Just 38 minutes though.. Argh! Want more!
    Aquilus – Griseus: Already a kind of classic in the soundtrack metal (?) genre I guess, slightly hit and miss, but hugely skilled and very promising, second album coming soon if they don’t pull a Wintersun on us.
    Apotheosis – Farthest from the Sun: A semi-classic and precursor in the genre of demented orchestral one-man band I recently discovered. Kinda kitschy (earlier times..) but still very entertaining and.. feral.
    Xanthochroid – Blessed in Boils: Well, I’m sure you know these guys. Their talent, being so ridiculously young and all, makes me simply jealous. They make it seem so god-damn effortless. I wish that they take a more subtle and engaging route with their music, rather than go all bombastic-symphonic on us like Fleshgod Apocalypse, late Septic Flesh or something (shivers)

  10. Welcome, Somnium; and thanks for both taking the time and making the effort to post. Ideas, different perspectives, and new playlists are always appreciated!
    You are, indeed, in an epic/atmospheric mood.
    Your playlist reminded me of a particular album that I was enjoying a few months back. You likely already know of them, but if not, check out Elderwind – The Magic of Nature. They might just fit your mood at the moment. Falling in with the ranks of Lustre etc., or perhaps an earthy counterpart to Midnight Odyssey’s more astral projections. Certainly not bombastic or overly dramatic at all; more like the mellow, steady pulse of an ancient, slumbering god.
    Full album embedded below. If you only have a few minutes, check out the nice atmospheric build from the 6 minute mark to where is starts to flow around 7:15 onward.

    I am with you concerning Aquilus. I very much enjoyed their first album, and am curious to hear their new/upcoming material. I cannot remember which label they are attached to at the moment. I will have to check and keep an eye out. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Hallo Unearth and thanks for the welcome! I’m spinning the Elderwind album right now, I had briefly checked it before but now I’m paying more attention. Interesting atmospherics but overall I have the same problem with Lustre here, not enough content in notes and “meat”. A band of this kind really has to be excellent to pull off that kind of minimalism, at least for me, or instead throw in more metal or complexity in general. Midnight Odyssey are one of the few bands that do the atmospheric/ambient thing in an excellent manner indeed. I actually liked in the Elderwind album the moments when it’s picking up with blastbeat, like in the 10th minute, or more complex arrangements. If it was busier with its drums and guitars, while retaining pretty much the same chord progressions, it would groove better with me, still talented band/composer though, I’ll have them of the watch.

    Aquilus are signed to Blood Music, by the way. Oh, and some others close to that style, since we started this conversation (this is turning into a propaganda of epic black metal haha)

    Arkheth – The Quintessence of Algaresh: Huge double album, 120 minutes. from folkish to symphonic to fast black metal. Really excellent in times, quite an unsung album. Sadly they don’t seem to be active any more.
    Darkenhöld – A passage to the towers. Melodic, epic, kinda progressive black metal from the ex-guitarist of Artefact, whose “Ruins” should have been another classic of the genre. Darkenhöld are also doing an album right now.

    And some more in the non-epic territory,

    Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise (really original ideas in the composition, could be the most promising bm band after Nightbringer)
    Pleibian Grandstand – Lowgazers (well-constructed Chaos)
    Mania – Revel. Quite an overlooked album in the hyped “cascadian” scene, Nate Myers is doing some really forward-thinking things with this one.

  12. Me-Mateys:

    Judas Priest – Unleashed in the East
    Judas Priest – British Steel
    Incantation – Dirges of Elysium
    Domains – Sinister Ceremonies
    Yass-Waddah – Cities of the Red Night
    Slomatics – A Hocht
    Wardencylffe – Ordo Ab Chao demo
    AEvangelist – Omen Ex Simularcra
    Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword of Understanding
    Magma – Udu Wudu
    StormVold – First Storms 1st 2 Demos
    Cryptic Brood – Demo
    Heavy Death – Demo I
    And any heavy-ass acid-jazz-funk I can get on my hands motha!

  13. Back to Morbus Chron’s latest – I am not so sure my enthusiasm has held. I think I most likely prematurely splooged on that one. It’s still very good, but just isn’t holding up like I thought it would.

  14. Ha! Please, ScarPump, share some ‘heavy-ass acid-jazz-funk’. I will fully admit to being unschooled in such things, and would like to understand the draw and/or how it fits into the underground/worm tendency. I will also admit to not necessarily enjoying most ‘jazz’ that I have heard … though most, if not all, of what I have been exposed to is in passing, via mainstream happenstance.

  15. Spinning like this tonight:



  16. Hey Unaerth – to get you willie wet: Vintage starters: Herbie Hancock ‘Headhunter’ and ‘Thurst’. Jaco Pastorius – S/T Album

    Modern more Deep Heavy Funk would be Budos Band. Try this:

    As for how it fits in the underground/worm tendency…I don’t know if it does, nor do I care. I just list what am listening to at the moment on this site. I think when someone puts there playlist here, they should just put what they are listening to. Obviously since they are participating here, they are into Underground Metal, so seeing some of that, or almost all of that in their list is expected. But that can be boring and unrevealing.

  17. Thanks, ScarPump! I appreciate the recommendations. I’ll investigate for myself and see how things go. I look forward to diving in, and testing the ‘new’ waters. Cheers!
    Tonight sounds like this:


    its a bit of a non-metal night … the All Night Party kicks in at 19:46

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