Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall

DC_Proml (200x200)How can a death metal album do what’s expected – ie, lay waste to the ears of the weak – and be inspiring as well? For the answer, look no further than Promulgation of the Fall, Dead Congregation’s six years in the making follow-up to the underground-upending Graves of the Archangels. What you’ll find on this highly anticipated, yet prophecy-fulfilling sophomore full-length, are not only many moments of draw-dropping riff ferocity but deep below them, a potent, rage-infested evil that eats away at the soul. This will surprise no one familiar with these Greek anti-gods, their reputation rightfully proceeding them. What will surprise all who bend the knee anew at their unholy altar is the utter lack of any second album slump; no, their covenant with the Hoofed One has only strengthened, and here’s why: as before, they know what worked with Morbid Angel, Immolation, and of course, Incantation, and have again taken the time to put twists on the classic ’90s riffery of these and others of the era, unequivocally achieving that most elusive of metal facets – their own voice. The note bends and harmonic squeals will remind one of the aforementioned Golgotha stormers in moments (check track ‘Serpentskin’ for an example), but the dark fog of atmosphere draping these tracks are uniquely their own. The tremolo-picked thirds, intercut with low E palm-mutes resurrect he-who-once-knew-Where-The-Slime-Lived, but the abandon has a mark of control and tone that is Dead Congregation’s signature. Every song has at least one riff that you don’t want to end; most have several. That structures have been tried, tested, worked and reworked again and again is readily apparent by their flow, and this is where Promulgation of the Fall‘s ability to inspire comes in: for fellow musicians of the carrion kind, this album states loud and clear that areas where DM can flourish still exist without boring everyone with retreading or by being so strange as to be unlistenable… that being the case, the band never completely lets go of the best of what’s been done. So step up your game, all others hereafter entering the realm of Total Death; challenge yourself to build on the deathly times before, as this band has – again. -Jim

Martyrdoom / Profound Lore

~ by cliftonium on May 14, 2014.

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