Owl – Into the Absolute

owlInto the the Absolute, the open minded and colorful EP from the German duo Owl, is the bands 3rd musical voyage since 2011, and is my first trip into their creatively diverse world. Though this output does maintain a common thread spun throughout the 4 tracks, Into the Absolute dares to defy stereotypes as Owl effortlessly embody many differing styles of heavy expression to paint their bleak portrait.

The title track lurches out of the gate with a dark and doomy presence augmented by a machine-like dissonance and choppiness in the riff work. This produces a head nodding crawl, colorized with a very modern guitar tone. The riffs themselves are simplistic and endlessly heavy due to the avoidance of technical embellishments and what sounds like music created and executed on one down-tuned string. When the blasting erupts into this track, it gives us a break from the sloth-like hammering and shows that Owl are working with many different formulas to arrive at their desired impact. The composition in a lot of ways is flawless as each track flows effortlessly, further spiced up by synth and other technological manipulations. Vocally, Christian Kolf is a master of all trades when it comes to knowing which delivery fits the mood being set by the music AND he pulls off every delivery with skill and ease. His clean tones are morose and passionate. From there, he shouts, screams and death moans his way through this material. The clinical nature of the production and modern styles that slip in to congeal with the metal underbelly of Into the Absolute, not to mention some of the compositional ques Owl emplys, puts me in mind of a more foreboding and underground metal inspired Devin Townsend. For some reason, this may make some of you purists cringe at the thought, but I mean that as a compliment. Even though Devin’s music is something I rarely desire listening to, there is no denying the mans talent and dedication to what he does. He’s quite a passionate songwriter and performer. Even though he may come off as kooky or pandering to the commercial side of metal, you cant take that away from him.

I get the impression that Into the Absolute is a closer realization of a deeper evolution for Owl than this Eps predecessors and it works as a good starting point for a guy like myself just getting my feet wet with this project. Perhaps 4 songs is just a teaser to the potential full immersion that could be experiences on a proper full-length. Even though Owl isn’t a style or the type of band that I often gravitate towards, Into the Absolute has been a fine escape from reality. Maybe even bordering on meditative. -Marty
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~ by martyworm on June 25, 2014.

2 Responses to “Owl – Into the Absolute”

  1. Alright, CRITICAL POINT with this band you all need to abide by: 1st S/T album is fucking excellent top notch, and very different than the last two EPS, which to me are VERY disappointing because the band opted to move away from their original great style and just become Valborg and Island (same band members who run the label). I really don’t get the move in this direction. It is quite superfluous. Super talented guys, but just makes no sense to me what they are doing here. SO! Go check out the first album, and you will see the true light!

  2. Hey man. I write from the heart. It just comes out, there is no conscious decision why it sounds like that, it just happens. If I force things, it just feels wrong and then I can’t write music. Sorry to dissapoint you. But sooner or later I know I will write again some disturbing cosmic Death Metal. It just has to feel right! Cheers!

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