Rude – Soul Recall

rudeThe bio info included with this promo nailed Rude quite effectively, “RUDE from Berkeley, CA (USA), combine classic filigrane death metal in the vein of the early Pestilence stuff with the dirt of maniacs like Autopsy”. The Autopsy classification rings through due to the clean-ish, audible and heavy bass lines/tone. Pestilence is on display due to the near exact emulation of Martin Van Drunen’s sickly draaaaaawwwwlll, not to mention that Rude’s music teeters on the brink of aggressive dark thrash, with death metal tendencies, much in the same way as the classic Pestillence release Malleus Maleficarum. Soul Recall possesses a very old spirit and it suits me just fine. Well executed and thankfully not sounding retro or nostalgic for the sake of it, Rude have brought the timelessness of the past into the modern realm for enjoyable results. -Marty
FDA Rekotz

~ by martyworm on June 25, 2014.

One Response to “Rude – Soul Recall”

  1. BORING!!! Stupid old school shit for young boys.

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