Bolzer – Soma

bolzer_SomaEndlessly mystical and seemingly locked into a vein of expression completely their own, Switzerland’s Bolzer have taken death metal by storm. Aura is still being talked about, discovered and revered by those of us who search for darkness within art and the band is quick to follow up that MLP with another EP to keep our ears bent on worship and our souls yearning for the release of that elusive full-length which just can’t seem to drop fast enough.

Soma finds this innovative duo staying the course set aloft on Aura. The main difference is a less “cluttered” production this time out, though the songs are just as enchanting as the tones and nuances found on Aura. Bolzer’s sorcery is unlocked/enhanced/entranced by the 10 razor strings of a BC Rich Bich guitar and the manner in which vocalist KzR morphs open chords into searing harmonies at seemingly the same time. His playing style fills all the holes left behind by the lack additional musicians and instruments, with light defying darkness and a truly atypical riff style that claws up from the chamber very much alive. KzR is doing double and triple time, once again handling all the vocals and lyrical rituals while his desperate and burly death moans add even more of a unique flavor to Bolzer’s overall sound. His delivery feels like a force of nature, or even an entire wolf pack on the hunt with the urgency and projection of his screams that embody feelings of glory, suffering and even punishment. HzR’s drum performance is just as commanding as his rhythmic choices always fit the mood and intent of the guitar work seamlessly. There is a lot of confidence and pure fury in these beats and such a powerful sense of self in his playing, and in this band for that matter, further empowers the music of Bolzer and makes it the ruling entity that it is.

Even though there is no one riff between these 2 songs as world ending as the one found in Entranced by the Wolfshook, Bolzer are an inferno of deathly magic and with Soma, have further set their legacy in stone. The moon is full… Come… join in the hunt. -Marty
Invictus Productions

~ by martyworm on July 9, 2014.

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