Empire Auriga – Ascending the Solar Throne

empireLo-fi solar flares burn slow and reach out on Ascending the Solar Throne, the 2nd full-length effort by Michigan natives Empire Auriga. The lack of production values and dissonant note choices allows the sounds and style to congeal in an unashamed level of Xasthur appreciation, but Empire Auriga employ an underlying electronic aura in the form of caustic dark ambience to further infect their doom laden black metal crawl. The drum programing is a functional, slow plodding kick drum, (when there are drums at all) but is so enveloped in static ambience that the reality of it being merely a time/place holder really isn’t a bothersome factor. We’ve heard these sounds and style before, but the chilling depression that emits from the presentation of this music is unshakable and at times overbearing. This has always been the mission statement for Empire Auriga… unyielding depression in the frozen vacuum of space. Ascending the Solar Throne isn’t something you will reach for often, but if cult to the core blackness finds its way into your player on occasion, Empire Auriga are perfect for late night drones and sulking in a nebula of negative energy. -Marty
Moribund Records

~ by martyworm on July 9, 2014.

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