Lucifer’s Hammer – The Mists of Time MMXIV

lucifershammer-themistsoftimeBeing a Michigan native during metal’s formative years, I have attended the Michigan Death Fest organized by Sandy “Metal Mom” Newton as often as I could over the years. During this era I was able to witness Lucifer’s Hammer live on many occasions. They always made the fest line-ups because lead singer Todd was Sandy’s son. That aside… they DESERVED to be on the bill every time, for Lucifer’s Hammer were sadly an overlooked gem in the late 80’s/90’s US black/death metal underground. Their sets consisted of dense fog and some of the best blackened doom crafted the old way you have probably ever heard. I am admittedly late to cover this excellent reissue by Destro records because I have interviewed the band in the past and reviewed this very material when it came around the first time back when Worm Gear was a zine proper. As I hit play on something that I haven’t spun in several years, it all comes back to me. That vibrant conviction. Well placed and utilized keyboards. Plodding, though so perfectly constructed songs built on atmosphere. Lucifer’s Hammer was a band that you could tell practiced a lot and meant every note they played. Todd’s vocals on this recording are right out front in burnt black agony where his phlegmy delivery lends an aura of ritual sickness to this musical event. Even though this re-issue could have benefited as a 2CD compiling all of Lucifer’s Hammer’s music (There was also a full-length album to come after this one called Ghosts of Fall), Destro Records chose the better of the 2 albums to revitalize and further making this essential by including the fantastic The Burning Church demo as a bonus. With new artwork and a what seems like a thicker sound, this disc captures Lucifer’s Hammer’s most stirring material that feels just as timeless as the years it was created. Perhaps The Mists of Time MMXIV will finally give this band the due they fought so hard to achieve while they were still functioning. Excellent. -Marty
Destro Records

To my surprise…. this band remains so obscure that the only track to be found on youtube is from their The Burning Church Demo. So, we’ll post the link to Destro’s bandcamp…

~ by martyworm on July 9, 2014.

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  1. sounds pretty earnest & sweaty from the sample. i picked up a copy and will see how the whole things sits.

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